Oct 25, 2010

Orange is All Around

A good gameday always begins with a solid breakfast (especially night games, because who knows when I'll get a chance to eat again- too busy talking to eat!).

Toad  in a hole, and hazelnut coffee.
I popped over to my parents to pick up some orange sweaters for the game, and couldn't resist this guy hiding in the leaves.

Although Henry was camouflaged, Dixie wasn't hiding.  They loved all of your raves about rescue dogs as both of them were rescued from our local Humane Society. 
Scooted home and cleaned the house for our first house-guests, and got food ready for the tailgate- bacon crisps!  They disappeared in a minute at the tailgate- I've blogged about them last year. A club cracker sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and wrapped in half a piece of bacon.  They are deadly.  Especially to my waistline when I decided to eat all the slightly overcooked ones for "lunch".  Nutritional powerhouse for sure.
The trees were dressed and ready for the game in every shad of orange.  Days like Saturday remind me of my childhood and teenager-hood.  A group of children near of tailgate were jumping into a huge pile of leaves over and over again.  I was tempted to join them, but alas, my wool plaid miniskirt would not have been the best apparel for gleefully throwing myself into a muddy pile of leaves.

Our guest Alison and me chilling with Smokey.  The tailgate was full of old friends in town for the game, so there was lots of laughing, hugs and catching up.

Here's our house guests (stole this from fb, Alison)

I know that y'all know this, but I just love college football- the pageantry, the cheerleaders,band and drum major, oh, and the majorettes! All the players running out onto the field and the anticipation gets me everytime.  

In middle school, all of our guy friends were the coke boys.  You would hope that your crush would be slinging cokes and hot dogs in your parents' season ticket section so you could coyly buy a large coke and turn red and giggle (much to your father's chagrin). 

In high school, everyone congregated in section U-T to rebel and smoke cigarettes under the ramp.  Sometimes the older boys would give you sips of their doctored cokes, and you would act tough like you couldn't taste the bourbon, then try not to brag to your friends that you had illicit sips.

No matter the age, the best part of a night game in later fall is a warm touchdown frank.  Mmmmm.
That would definitely be the best part of the Vols' game.  At least they won the first quarter.  And the Dawgs won. 

Did y'all go to games growing up?  Hide and smoke cigarettes under the bleachers?


  1. We had the best time! You guys were wonderful hosts as always! Now you have to come stay with us!

  2. Love it - what a great recap and the pictures in the leaves are priceless. I probably would have smoked cigs under the bleachers but I was on dancelien therefore at EVERY game in the stands, unless we were on the field during halftime. LOVED IT. The cig/bourbon convo was definitely post-game though. Wowza.

  3. All growing up, it was Westlake HS games on Friday night, Texas games on Saturday! Loved it! Didn't do any rebelling at the UT games (well, I take that back - we did always try and steal beers at tailgates while our parents weren't looking) but there was lots of sneaky cigarette smoking in middle school at the HS games - they penned us all behind one In Zone so it was just a huge coral of all your friends! Then in HS, I was on the dance team, but we did mix vodka with our cokes on occasion after halftime was over!

  4. OH the memories!! I love this post! Makes me miss home even more!!! Gosh, those were good times. You look adorable as always and I can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving:) Love to you and hubs!

  5. I love that you call it a Toad in the Hole! I've never heard that before, but growing up my dad always called them Birdie in the Nests. My dad is a HS football coach in Texas, so we would go to high school games on Fridays and then camp in the living room on Saturdays watching the Nebraska Cornhuskers on T.V. Love it.

  6. I went to lots of games! Love them! However they don't seem as fun as the ones you go to (I'm in California).

    Those bacon wrapped crackers looks amazing! I will have to try that!

  7. Love your fall foliage! We actually didn't grow up going to collegiate games because my dad's alma mater disbanded their football team a few years after he played there.

    Now, however, the whole family attends games at my alma mater. And we go all out. ;)

    PS Love the fall foliage!

  8. I love all your beautiful fall pictures - I'm craving orange leaves and scarves but it was 90 here today. :(

    We didn't attend college football games growing up but we sure do now and our children defintely will!

  9. What cute pups in the pretty leaves - orange looks great this time of year!


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