Oct 8, 2010

Project Mondo

Okay Project Runway fans, let's discuss-

Topic Number One-

The Teutonic Princess of  Shorttightshinyburg

Heidi- I think you are super pretty.  Some of my friends have said they would cut off their arm (or hand?) to look like you in a spirited game of would you rather.  I love that you are married to Seal, and that your German subjects call you the Patchwork Family (adorbs).  However, don't mess with Mondo.  For reals.

Thanks Project Rungay for the pics!

I long for this outfit.  I also long for a pint-sized Mondo that I can put in my pocket, and bring out to give sweet shy smiles and festoon me in bold prints.  I'm such a sucker for prints.
Like the Jackie O outfit?  Yes please!

So in last night's dreary challenge, I did see Heidi's point about his initial design.  However, she was such sneering bee-yotch about it, I was immediately up in arms.  However, Hubs thought that Mondo was being a baby, and rude to his client (of course he sides with the supermodel- he does get to say whatever he thinks though since he is sweet enough to watch a fashion reality show with his wife).

Let's look at the actual Heidi Klum for New Balance collection, shall we?

I'm sorry I just drifted off.  Please note the prevalence of belly shirts though. 

This brings me to the battle of the bangs-




Who is the smugger of the bebanged ladies?  I'm not sure, although I do think Heidi has far greater reason to be smug.  I might be biased because I laughed really hard at her impression of Gretchen last night.

What are your thoughts on these weighty Friday issues?  Who is going to win?  Who do y'all love and hate (ahem Michael C.)?

Burning questions, bloggees.  Burning questions.


  1. So I haven't watched this week's episode yet, but it will definitely be the first thing I watch on my dvr this weekend. But, thus far, I absolutely ADORE Mondo. His designs are so cute, whimsical, original and well-tailored. They are generally wearable without being boring. Gretchen? Blah. I think her designs look old and dowdy, and she always uses the same color palette. Combine that with her bad attitude...and well, lets just say I am not a fan.

  2. OH MY GOSH! I had no clue you were into PR! It is my favorite show! And the fact that it is an hour and a half now, totally makes my thursday evenings. I love Mondo, his styles always come together in this crazy way that still looks amazing. Gretchen can style her pants off and has good vision but drives me crazy. Oh wait, i am reading the above comment and I pretty much am ditto to hers:) ha! And on top of Mondo being amazing at what he does, he had overcome a lot of things personally during the show (last week tear jerker) that make me adore him even more. And the princess of shinytightshortsburg is starting to look like she could pass for a Knoxville public school prom night. We should know, we have been there. The girl looks good with no make up and in jeans. Don't mess with a good thing by going all 'wet and wild' make up on me sister.

  3. Yaay project runway! I haven't watched last night's episode... but gosh I love me some MONDO! I would like to put him in my pocket....

  4. If you find a way to manufacture a pint-sized Mondo will you please let me know? I am on that trend train. I'd also love for Austin Scarlet to be my BFF.

    And Gretchen is definitely the bigger lame-o.

  5. I am in love with sweet Mondo. I would give anything to spend a day with Mondo and Tim. I would loooove for him to win, but I don't know if they'll give it to him - like usually the designer who's such a front runner ends up as the runner up and a dark horse wins (April?). I just soooo hope it's not Gretchen. Ick.

  6. Happy Sunday! We gave your some blog awards. Make sure to check them out.


  7. Ok....what in the world is that mess of a collection for new balance?? Really?? And I do love, love that Mondo skirt/tights outfit. Love!

  8. I'm so behind on PR. Haven't watched in 2 seasons, but that's probably b/c my tv watching is out of control right now and I'm into too many shows!
    Is that line for 'new balance' for working out? I couldn't jog/walk/stretch in any of that!

  9. Just caught up on last week's episode (hello working from home benefit!) ... I was so afraid Mondo was going to quit!

    So glad you posted her actual collection - I was wondering what it looked like, and snooze is right. This challenge was a total bore.

  10. hehe I loved Mondo's outfits too - and did think he was rude to Heidi... BUT I thought she was picking on him a bit. I mean he's in the middle of making it and you want to put it on? Eek!


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