Oct 6, 2010

The Fall of my Discontent

I'm not really discontented.  I'm more antsy than anything.  I want to leave my fluorescent lit office, and play in the dirt. (ahem, plant my damn pansies).  I want to paint this ugly old hutch that's been patiently waiting on me for a month.  I want to fill the absolutely enormous canvas that's been sitting in my dining room for two months with color and forsythia blossoms.  I want to switch out my closet for fall and wear plaid, tights, and loafer heels!

Instead, I'm preparing corporate documents.

I'm ready for my catalog dream life, people!

Also, in my dream life my yard is a magical fairy tale land made of moss, like this one featured in Southern Living a few years back-

Search "moss garden" on the Southern Living website and you will find the article- it's truly amazing. 

What are you doing right now, and what do you truly long to be doing right this minute??


  1. Just got a flu shot, sitting at work balancing large numbers and wishing those same numbers were the balance of my account!! Again, in my dreams, right?! We decided to not come Ole Miss game but instead come for long Thanksgiving trip:) Hope to see you soon!

  2. I would like to spend the day in that gorgeous moss garden with you, breaking only to make some delicious food, gabbing the whole day through.

    Or to be sitting here not working but not feeling guilt or angst about not working, because I've recently won the lottery and quit the corporate scene to do something more fulfilling. In a second I'll be putting in an offer on our dreamy Capitol Hill rowhome... wish me luck!


  3. I'm reading blogs...supposed to be working... would LOVE to be at home cooking or at the gym - not feeling the office today!

  4. Moss. Now there is an idea for our dirt filled, dead-grass garden. Love the photos. Happy to have your humor to brighten my afternoon coffee break. xoxo

  5. Gorgeous! I love me some moss--is that weird?? Hm. Right now, I am working/blogging/procrastinating and I'd rather be sleeping/traveling/playing with my pups/anything that doesn't involved my office!


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