Oct 14, 2010

Oh Dear, Country Wrong

For some reason Blogger decided to delete the entire post I wrote last night.  Not cool, internet.

Here's the gist of it-

Gywneth Paltrow is starring in a movie Country Strong, which comes out first week of January (clunker week).  She is totally weird casting for the part, rant, rant, rant about accents etc.  Her voice sounds fine, but she went to Spence!

It won't embed properly, so please go here.

Who do you think would be better? How great would Miss Cutie Patootie, Rachel McAdams, be??


  1. Oh Dear - did that just happen? And why was leighton meester (sp) in there? And what was with all of the non-subtle plaid? I think I need to watch it again... hehe

  2. Oh lawdy. Looks terrible, will not being seeing in the theaters. On another note, when not drugged out - she looks beautiful. She is really aging gracefully. I think she's more lovely now than when she was in her early 20s and fresh off her oscar win. I think she looks good because they have her more done up like a southern lady for this part. I'm used to that kind of attractiveness rather than her usual subtle bs.

    I can't handle her newsletter GOOP - have you read it?

  3. Maybe because they filmed the whole thing entirely in Nashville and GP dedicated two GOOPs to Nashville, I'm kind of excited to see this (don't judge)...if for nothing more than its heckling value!

    I think Rachel McAdams would be perfect for the Leighton Meester part...maybe Sandra Bullock for the Gwenyth part?

  4. Um all i can focus on is Tim McGraws hair plugs. Wow. They were distracting me from the whole song! Hehe!

  5. Can't watch the video yet bc I'm at work but let me just throw out some support to ya on the Hollywood needs to lay off the crappy fake southern accents part. Did you see the post in the back of last month's Southern Living? (I think it was last month) Seriously hilarious letter to Hollywood about how wrong they are about the south. Loved it.

  6. WHOA Gwyneth is about as country as I am a yankee. So wrong. I am actually mad at Tim Mcgraw for agreeing to be in that.

  7. I love Gwenyth Paltrow, but I didn't even make it through the preview for this! The title is pretty cheesy too...


  8. Am a huge Gwynnie fan but totally agree with you on this... definitely not the role for her!! Rachel McAdams would have been perfect for it!

  9. Umm… miscast indeed! Why does Hollywood always go for the "big actress" instead of the independent? Nevermind, I know the answer :)


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