Oct 15, 2010

Just In Case

You were thinking, "Gosh, I really need to get Samma a present."  Dear blog readers, I know this goes your head frequently.  Especially those of you who don't know me in real life.  So as I trek down to the mountains of north Georgia for a wedding extravaganza I give you these to contemplate-
This Milly dress (it's on pre-order at Nordstrom, I'll take a size 6 please)

Or, less useful, but just as darling-
This Nanette Lepore number.  (I size down in Nanette, so a size smaller than the Milly, please)

Your choice- either dress would be lovely, thankssomuch! xoxoxo


  1. haha you are funny. That Milly is awesome!!

  2. Because I LOVE your blog so much, I nominated you for an award! Check it out on my page!!

  3. Oh my, I hope you don't mind if I treat myself instead of you dear friend. That Nanette dress would be divine for my upcoming holiday weddings.

  4. Hahaha! Love this post! Those dresses are gorgeous!

  5. Love them both!! Especially the second, although I KNOW i'd have to get the straps altered - grrr.


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