Jun 27, 2011

The Future is Now!

So to celebrate Anna and Andy's return from their Watermoon, I'm sharing some of Virge's pictures of their wonderful nuptial weekend.  I miss all my Georgia gals so!

Look at the tiny tiny bride at the rehearsal dinner at Farm.  I had two plates of food (shhh, it was organic, and locally sourced, so calorie free, right?).  We had a wonderful time laughing at toasts and each other.  Hubs had to stay home, as he had to attend his godson's christening, so I was on my own (surrounded by my closest friends).

Blogger just decided to erase the remainder of my post.  I have neither the time or energy to recreate my prose, so enjoy these pictures, and tell me all about your weekends!  Mine was a bit more relaxed than the wedding weekend- birthday dinner, naps by the pool, and convincing Hubs to see Bad Teacher with me (victory!).


  1. What a gorgeous bride! How pretty are you? Love the dress!

  2. She is a beautiful bride! Sounds like a fun weekend - how was the movie?! I need to get in some pool time for real.


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