Jun 1, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

So we had a glorious time down at Reynolds Plantation celebrating the nuptials of Brother and Em.  Above is a sneak peek of AK's amazing photography of the occasion- I'm dying to see more.

We had a lovely bridesmaid luncheon by the pool.  That's Em in the white, with the enormous hat.

Then Mama and I scurried off to complete the rehearsal dinner preparations.  It rained off and on on Friday, clearing up about an hour before the dinner, so the outdoor plans had to be scrapped.  This was probably for the best, since the hotel was screening a Disney movie on a giant screen by the pool, about 30 feet away from the dinner spot.  Mama is deaf as a post, and rather, hmmm, lax about sporting her hearing aids.  Since the movie was reportedly quite loud, she, as well as many others, would have been completely clueless as to the wise words of all the toasts (although well versed in the musical stylings of Mandy Moore in Tangled).

I'll be sure to fill y'all in on the wedding as soon as I get some pictures.  It was smooth sailing, and wonderful all around.  The only glitch is when Brother and Em return from their honeymoon.  Some friends decided to celebrate another night, and the newlywed's home now looks like this-

Since I'm house sitting, I have got to get this cleaned up before their return.  Any suggestions?  I do think it looks quite bridal and magical, but think Em won't be so inclined. Hee.


  1. I hope you have a shop vac - that sucks! haha

    The pictures are beautiful - I love your dress pretty girl!

  2. Samma you look gorgeous! Can't wait to see more pictures. And I have no idea how to clean that up, but that is a MESS! No bueno.

  3. Congrats to your brother and his lovely bride! And, I have to say, I adore her hat in that photo! Hope you had luck (and lots of help) cleaning up the TP decor. :)

  4. Gorgeous photos and you do look amazing!

  5. What beautiful, joyous pictures! Looks like there was lots to celebrate - post-wedding cleanup and all! :)

  6. Glad it all went well!

    Speaking of amazing, can we persuade you to tell us where you found that amazing blue dress with the sunshiney embroidery? I've been looking for something just like that for, oh, decades...


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