Jun 14, 2011

Scenes from East Tennessee

So last night I decide to pop in McKay's to kill a little time.  Now that it's summer, the place is always packed with hill people, as all the surrounding counties come to the metropolis that is Knoxville to do their shopping.  However, I cannot blame this incident on a Cocke Countian, as the person in question had Knox County plates.

I roll in, and attempt to pull in a parking spot.  Unfortunately, it's obstructed by an old Jimmy's door being held open by a barefooted leg.  While waiting for her to withdraw her leg, I notice that the door is open to allow better ventilation of the cigarette the nineteen year old is puffing.  I pull up, hop out, and give the leg-withdrawer a tentative smile, as to say "Thanks for unobstructing my parking spot! Hugs!"  She nods back, and I notice the laminated Jack Daniels label hanging from her rear-view, cigarette puffage is continuing,  and there is a newborn baby sitting in someone's lap WAILING in the front seat!  Probably crying over the demise of its lungs.

I would have taken a picture for y'all, but girl was likely to up and key my car if she saw me.
I began to mourn my fellow Appalachian Americans, but then I remembered glimpses of programs on Bravo and MTV, and realize that at least the girl was out of high school (or else looked real old for her age), and wasn't screaming like a banshee or throwing a hissy like some of those Housewives are wont to do. . .I guess trashy people are just all over the place.  It might be a pandemic of trash.  Please don't become infected- my sense of decorum cannot handle anymore!


  1. Girl, I loved me some McKay's when we lived in Nashville. R sure didn't want me going there by myself, though...

  2. you're hilarious! I recently saw a woman smoking while balancing a small baby on her hip. Unfortunately, trashy & sad is hard to escape no matter where you are.


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