Jun 13, 2011

Poor Buddy!

The is not actual Buddy, but Dug from Up.  Buddy would not allow himself to be featured in today's post.

My poor little guy has been in the cone of shame for a week.  He still has another week to go, and is chafing under its limitations.

As am I- the back of my legs are covered in tiny bruises from being rammed by the cone.  Buddy explained that if the cone was gone he would not have to ram me, but I was not persuaded.  I picture Dug here, instead of my pupster, because he flat out refused to have a picture of him in the cone of shame on the interwebs.  So embarrassing!

So, let's hope those nasty allergy-induced hot spots on his cute little face heal up quickly, and some peace returns to our household.  I don't know how long I can take the cone of shame. . .


  1. Cone of shame!! Poor Buddy--and poor you! Hope he heals up right quick!

  2. no! The cone of shame!! My pups don't do well in those - poor little guys. The saddest is when they try to get water and have to put the whole cone around it - ahhh!

  3. Oh, poor Buddy! The cone of shame is the WORST. They get so so sad and it's horrible because it's so so hard not to laugh at them running into the walls and getting stuck under the table. Oh, poor poor Buddy.

  4. Oh no Smokey gets hot spots too. I highly recommend trying to change him to a food that is as natural as you can get if he isn't already on one because it turns out Smokey is HIGHLY allergic to corn which is what was causing his hot spots. He hasn't had another flare up in 2 years since we switched him.


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