Jun 8, 2011

Summer Nights

Painting by Jim Embry

When I was little, our house was more out in the country than the present.  It has not moved, but the subdivisions have slowly began to encroach, and replace the woods full of scrub pines with neighborhoods with faux English names and references to the former farms and trees.  It's progress I know, replete with access to city water, but I prefer the trailers and well water myself.

So growing up without a neighbors, I missed out on the joy of summer nights running around the neighborhood.  Luckily, I could have slumber parties with friends when I needed to get my dusk game of hide and go seek or sardines in, so I wasn't completely deprived.

I adore walking Buddy just before dark, when the temperature is palatable, and the lightning bugs are beginning to wink their hellos.  The smell of Dale's is omnipresent, wafting from backyard steaks and burgers.  I trot along, as Buddy sniffs for squirrels and bunnies, waving at people out watering their flowers, and kids zooming around on bright bikes.

Yep, summer is here, and I am joyful!


  1. Early evening has been my favorite time to walk as well. I saw lightning bugs on my walk last week and was really excited!

  2. I love living in an established area now too...I grew up a mile down a dirt road! I've been dragging (literally) Sammy Dog on walks in the evenings since we both need to lose a few pounds! Happy Summer!

  3. I'm still nine years old when it comes to summer. I love the weather, the longer days, and the fact that right now, we're still at the very beginning. Enjoy! :)

  4. Although it is the middle of a cold winter here in Australia, that post made me feel all summery! It made me hear cicadas and smell wafting jasmine.



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