Mar 4, 2012

Following Through on the Fantasy- Curly Hair Edition

So, still trying to keep my head above water around here- Miss Dell Harper's reflux is vastly improved thanks to Zantac, but we are still dealing with a lot of crying.  Tough on Miss Priss and tough on her mama, but we'll survive.  Thanks to my one handed dexterity with my iPhone, and lack of brain power needed to browse Pinterest at 2 AM, I have become a Pinterest junkie (again).

However, I look at all these beautiful images of food, home, and organization, but never implement them.  It's time to start living the dream, people!

Well, start slowly, since I don't have much luck getting out of the house, or sitting down to wolf a sandwich without hearing wails starting in the nursery. . .

So with starting slow in mind- no more straightening my hair!

I've been following this simple routine from the above blog, to fairly good results.  Basically, dry your his with an old t-shirt, and don't scrunch it or rub vigorously (side note- I always wince when I go to get a blowout, and the straight haired girl rubs my head with a towel- knowing that I will have frizz and the blowout is already a complete waste).

Then rub some Tigi Curls Rock through your mess of curls and waves, and attack it with a diffuser with your head flipped over.  Voila!

A couple pieces in front for me need a boost with a curling iron, as my hair has multiple personality disorder (curly all over except two chunks in the front which are straight as an arrow- so bizarre, and the bane of my straight haired mother's attempts to make me look presentable as a child).

Not too bad, right?  And definitely preferably to 45 minutes under a hot blow dryer straightening my mess, follow by another 15 minutes with a straightener or curling iron to fix the frizz. 

So following through on Pinterest dreams- next up?  Food!  If I can get to the grocery store ever again?  It's on!


  1. Your hair looks great! My 8 year old daughter has super curly hair except for the same two front pieces you mentioned that are straight as a board! I will have to try this technique on her, as my hair is straight even when I attempt to curl it, which means I have NO CLUE what to do with my child's hair!

  2. So cute. I also am of the schizo hair. The straight and curly all in one! I got my hair cut on Friday and felt like a new person. And then it rained. Booo.

  3. I have the same crazy hair! If you don't mind me asking, what kind of diffuser/blow dryer do you use? I have yet to find one that doesn't make my hair look awful.

  4. HOW DO YOU USE A DIFFUSER? They confuse me sooo much.... kind of embarassing to admit, but I'm not even kidding. I need a tutorial on your tutorial :) You look fab hope to see you and sweet Dell Harper soon, so glad she's doing better!

  5. I love your hair curly! And, you have good bouncy curls! I need to grow mine out so it will be easier to maintain, but it's just so darn thick and wavy that I hate the growing out stage. Wish I had nice curls like that...

  6. My hair isn't all one texture either. Have you tried the curl
    down that twitter loves? It works so well for me. I let my hair air dry then using. Curling iron to do the curl down or hot rollers if I'm in a serious rush. It makes my hair look like I had dryed and styled it. So quick and the results last much longer for me this way too. You look great and I'm so glad you're back to blogging!

  7. It looks great!!

    Congrats again on the little one, she's a doll!

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