Mar 26, 2012

Motherhood Myopia

Thank you for all of your advice and encouragement.  Much like the toothache which disappears after making the dentist appointment, or the engine which quits rattling when you take it to the shop, Miss Priss went down without a peep for the last few days since I wrote the last post.

Then she screamed for an hour straight tonight, while Morgan and I took turns rocking her (with a ten minute sanity break).  Ha! My child is not so good with the consistency, I suppose.

When she cries or gets off schedule or fusses, I have trouble remembering that it is just one instance of unhappiness.  Not a sentence of life-long dissatisfaction.  Ten minutes of fussing can seem eternal, but it is followed by hours of sheer bliss.  It's easy for me to become myopic about what is happening just that moment, instead of looking at that old cliche, the big picture.

An early awake time completely off schedule, or both of us oversleeping by an hour and a half off nap schedule are solitary events, not the end of the world.  That's when I need to take a breath, get into a dress and some makeup and socialize.  With wine.

 I've discovered that a night out is a very important aspect of motherhood.  And, thanks to my super low tolerance  for alcohol (thanks pregnancy sobriety) I have the added bonus of being an extremely cheap date!  Whoohoo!


  1. Reading your POV on new motherhood has been SO helpful for me! Thanks for sharing, it's so great to read posts like this and try to get myself in the right state of mind... I hope you and the precious fam are well!!

  2. Wine definitely helps. Great pic of you and hubs!

  3. Great pictures! Loving the Dell Harper photos - more please!!


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