Mar 20, 2012

My Essential Baby Gear

Just got back from visiting Paige in the hospital, where she delivered a healthy precious little boy last night.

Before my visit, I ran to Babies R Us to pick her up My Brest friend nursing pillow, as she ended up having to have a c-section.  It's a must for any new mama who has had a Cesarean, because it keeps the baby from resting on your incision.

I didn't use it tons at first, but once I got the hang of it, I am hooked.

Another must if you have had a c-section is a compression band.    Mine was called the Belly Bandit.  Not only did it help shrink my stomach, but it helps you feel secure, and less like your insides are going to fall out (disgusting but true).

Now, insofar as baby gear, a few things that were not on my radar pre-Miss Priss-

The Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper- Margaret let us borrow this, and I thought I would use it occasionally.  After all, Miss Priss was sleeping in her crib.  Then we got the reflux.  This contraption is a MUST HAVE if your baby has reflux.  It keeps her super elevated, and when she fusses, she can gently rock herself a bit.  Not only that, it is super light weight, and folds up like a charm.  Perfect for transporting.

It has a harness, which we do not use because it's so deep, and I like to have her swaddled in that godsend for active babies who are light sleepers.  THE MIRACLE BLANKET!

All swaddled in her "baby sleeping bag".  I idly picked this during her first week while picking up a few things at the local children's store. Two moms stopped and told me how great it was, so I purchased.  Then I couldn't figure the damn thing out.  I am a doctor of jurisprudence, but couldn't work the miracle blanket.  Then after trying to wrap a squirmy little worm of a baby at 3 o'clock in the morning in a flannel swaddle blanket, only to have her wail thirty minutes later when she inevitably broke free, I youtubed how to work it, and have since purchased a couple more.  It's fantastic!

Another purchase which has been made multiple times is the little zip-up "sleep and play" footies from Target.  She has been living in these things, and looks so cute in them.  Plus, not having to try and do buttons during a diaper change meltdown is so clutch. 

Her hat is just HUGE!  But it was super bright outside, so her sunhat just had to do.

That's about it of my random product discoveries.  I'm sure y'all have some great ones for me!  Please share.  If you have something that prevents or cures that late afternoon early evening meltdown, please let me know! Hee- better yet market it and make a fortune!


  1. I recently discovered milk bibs by tommee tippee, which keeps the spit up at bay which means fewer outfit changes. I also love zippered footies (no kicked off socks) and my breast friend. We never really got the hang of the miracle blanket, we stuck with the halo Velcro ones. Love reading about your adventures in motherhood!

  2. Dell Harper is sweet beyond words! I don't know how many times I've muttered to myself "You have a law degree - how can you not figure this out?!?!" since becoming a mother. This baby business is tricky!

  3. Okay, not sure why my comment didn't show up linked with my google account but that was me, Melissa. (

  4. We loved the miracle blanket! Hudson slept so well in it! I also loved the little sleep gowns, they are perfect for middle of the night diaper buttons at all!

  5. Hey friend - will you send me your email? I've been meaning to email you about "the french book" but can't figure out how to respond to you :)

    thanks dear & glad to see that sweet baby smiling!

  6. The product that has saved our lives during the evening fussies and really all the time is the ergo. It's kind of expensive but a total life saver for a fussy baby. Margot could not be put down without screaming at all for the first 2.5 months. She hated the swing, the bouncy seat, the car seat and her crib. And she would only take naps being held or in the Ergo. Since I had to do things she spent a lot of her time in the Ergo. I'd wear her around the house during the day when I needed to do something other than cuddle and nurse. I also used it to go on walks, at the grocery store and whenever i was out and about. When my husband came home from work, just in time for the real fussing to begin, he'd wear her in the Ergo and vacuum while I made dinner. Now she isn't so fussy so we don't use it quites as much but we still use it to go on walks, grocery shop and run errands. I also like to use it at church when I don't want everyone to hold her. It's the most comfortable carrier we've tried and the infant insert aka baby taco is really great when they are tiny.


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