Mar 28, 2012

Pinterest Overdose and Ensuing Rant

  • I have obviously spent WAY too much time on Pinterest lately, because if I see another 
    • Cupcake,
    • mason jar craft, or
    • bookshelf styling tip,
I am going to vomit.

I don't like cupcakes- the icing ratio is way off for my tastes.  Plus, they are EVERYWHERE!  Eat regular cake, people!

Mason jars are useful containers.  However they do not need to be shellacked and dipped in glitter (that goes for pretty much anything after you are above the age of 8, really).

And finally, bookshelf styling.  Gah.  I hate empty bookshelves.  I hate bookshelves which are devoid of books, and filled with random stuff from Homegoods.  Fill your home with things that are special to you, and have meaning.  Not items purchased for an empty space by the truckload.  I feel the same about furniture, and "rooms to go" (the concept, not the store).

Okay, rant over.  Apologies to cupcake lovers, those with mason jar vases attached to their walls, and people with no books.

And I do love that curly hair tutorial!

  • Dell Harper is 2 months old today! Check out this grin!

  • Who watched Mad Men? I was enthralled, and feeling some kinship with Joan (although I'm not quite ready for the office yet- getting dressed somedays before lunchtime is still quite the hurdle).

  • We have a babysitter Friday night- first time someone besides my parents have watched Miss Priss.  I hope she behaves.  Hell, I hope I behave!  Watch out world!


  1. AGREE re: Pinterest. I quit using the site when I saw the Chocolate Cookie Dough Dip which was basically cream cheese and cookie flavors. DISGUSTING.

  2. Bwahaha. I am currently baking cupcakes in mason jars and then styling them on my bookcase. I kid. Happy 2 months Birthday Dell Harper! Holy moly-a night out? Don't behave!! Have so much fun!!

  3. ugh yes. I had to stop with pinterest. too much gross crap. and who the hell has that many mason jars?

  4. I love pinterest, but had to unfollow most people's craft boards because the mason jar and chalkboad paint crafts were taking over my feed.

    Miss Priss is so cute!

  5. What a smile! I'm still addicted to pinterest despite the glittery mason jars. I've always wondered about styled bookshelves, always wanted to try that, but we have way too many books for that ever to be an option.

  6. She is such a little sweetie!!

    OMG pinterest can drive me up a wall. haha on the glittered mason jars. :)


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