Mar 14, 2012

Miss Priss Framed!

So you know those super cute frames one sees on Pinterest?  Someone suggested buying wooden plaques at the craft store and basically decoupaging them with a picture to replicate the look.  I thought this was an excellent suggestion, and waddled to AC Moore while preggo to start this fabulous project.  That AC Moore bag sat there for a couple months.

But during a nap break, I shuffled through all the darling new pictures I have of little Miss Priss, and decided to take action.  This is a super quick project- done in three to four 20 minute (or less) increments.  And they turned out just darling!

Of course, their cuteness is significantly aided by that little sweetie in the pictures.

I didn't take pictures before and after (nap time is a precarious window), but the process was super easy.

1.  Lightly sand down the plaques (I didn't do much of this, because I was lazy and rushed).

2.  I didn't prime the plaques, but in retrospect I would, with a coat of white acrylic paint.  Let dry.

3.  Paint the plaques with the color of your choosing- brighter the better in my book.  Let dry.

4.  Paint a light layer of either acrylic gel stain, or brown acrylic paint watered down.  Then rub off with a damp paper towel or lightly wetted sponge.  Play with the level of stain until you get the look you are going for.  This will dry quickly, so you can go ahead and sand away once dry.  Pay special attention to the  edges- if you primed the plaques, I would take it down to the white on the edges for a distressed look.

5.  Center (if you are hanging a grouping of these please measure so each one is even and identical) your picture on the plaque, and pencil off where you want it to go.  Or trust your eye and be slap dash like I did-  all up to you.  Cover the back of the picture with Modge Podge and carefully place it on the plaque.  Then cover the whole she-bang with a layer of Modge Podge- take extra care to tamp down the corners of the picture.  Let dry.

6.  An optional final step that I recommend is doing a layer of acrylic varnish to seal everything and give it a glossy finish. Or you could use matte varnish, but the final layer will protect your beautiful creation!

These are destined for her nursery- I will be sure to show the finished product once I finally get everything hung in there! And her clothes up all the floor, and my empty water bottles of the side table. . .


  1. She is your mini-me. And I love the frames!

  2. gosh she is just TOO cute!!! love the frames my friend...i need to tackle some of these pinterest crafts, too--thanks for the inspiration

  3. You are quite the crafty lady! Love the way they turned out. SS got her 2 months shots today. It is pitiful and there was no nap today as a result.

  4. She is too precious for words! I love these frames and can't wait to try my hand at them. I do have a pot of lovely lemons, rosemary and vanilla on the stovetop - thank you for sharing, it's so 'homey'!


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