Nov 30, 2012

The Look for Less- Holiday Tables

So I was perusing the stack of catalogs that come in the mail daily this time of year (my joy at this exceeds no bounds- I adore going to the mailbox to be rewarded with magazines, cards, invitations and catalogs), and these festive placemats from Ballard Designs caught my eye-

They reminded me of this lovely table I spotted on Pinterest-
Source: via Samma on Pinterest

Anyway, we're having Christmas Eve dinner at our house this year (Mama, have we dicussed this?  We'd be too rushed at your house trying to get Dell Harper to bed, plus you overcooked the tenderloin last year, hee).  When I spotted these at World Market, I was just thrilled-

Ten dollars cheaper than the Suzanne Kasler ones, and just as cute- I'm pretty excited to set my table now.


  1. Ooh lala! I can't wait to see your table all dolled up! Your Mama is going to get you for that comment!

  2. Calling out your Mama on the Internet? You're in trouble now, sister!

    Love those placemats. I think we have a World Market somewhere in the vicinity of Orlando - I might just have to find it and snatch up those placemats!

  3. That table setting is perfect for dinner at my in-laws! I'm sending it to my mother-in-law right away. Thanks for sharing.

  4. love ballard designs and world market! especially when world market has bd looks for (a lot) less!

  5. I have pinned that table setting too and just love it (probably from you, come to think of it!). I have to go check out those place settings. So cute!

  6. I love burlap and plaid decor for the holidays! My current palate is mostly white cream silver and gold (I call it "bubbles in champagne") but I think when I have a family that I would love a more colorful traditional Christmas.


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