Mar 27, 2013

A Watched Pot

I have officially given up on Dell Harper walking.  Ha!  Today she is 14 months old, and climbs onto the couch, into an adult size rocking chair, but refuses to walk without a hand or prop.  I'm determined to stop focusing on it, because that child is never going walk if I keep stressing about it.  This is damn near impossible, but I'm giving it up to God.

She's not letting it slow her down though.  We went over to a friend's house today for Easter Egg dying- how cute are all the little buddies?

We were giggling at her clasping her little hands.

In other news, I have a cornea infection caused by my contact.  I'm driving around with giant sunglasses on in front of my glasses like a cataract patient.  It hurts, but I am just glad it's not pinkeye.  I would much rather put 10 days of drops in my own eyes (every 2 hours!?!), than one day of drops in my pre-toddler's eyes.

Finally, are y'all watching the Mindy Project?  You should.  It's funny.  Ellie Kemper was on last night, which remained me of this.  I could watch that video all day long.  You're a male prima donna. . .


  1. She'll walk when she's ready. Not to tell you something you already know! Ha! Then she'll be running like Fred Flintstone through your house and driving buddy insane! Bummer about your eye! Ouch!! I think something is wrong with my ear. Crazy sinuses and all of a sudden my ear is throbbing. Adult ear infection would be just ridiculous!

  2. SS and DH are just tormenting us. Maybe it is the double names slowing them down? Ha.
    Still not walking. I hope your eye feels better. Your package should arrive some point this week....

  3. My little guy is doing the exact same thing, Easter egg hunting should be interesting this weekend crawling around while all the other kids whirl around us.
    Hope your eye heals quickly, and yes toddler eye drops would be a near impossible task. I think finger nail clipping is just about the worst thing imaginable, but eye drops would take that to a whole new level.

  4. Sounds like Dell Harper is getting everywhere she needs to go - why bother with that walking business? :) Mindy Project is my favorite! I keep the episodes on my DVR and rewatch them. I'd never seen that video - it's hilarious!

  5. I am convinced L will not walk until she is 15 months. I'm attempting to be Zen about it, but I'm really sick of Swiffering every day so that strangers don't think I take my child out in filthy-kneed clothing.

    Sucks about the eye - I had pink eye when L was itsy - not cool.


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