Mar 11, 2013

Lollling Away

I might fall asleep while writing this post, due to a case of an insomniac baby and sick husband.  Quite the dastardly duo.  However,  I have taken the day off work, since my brain does not work right on three hours of sleep, even after a diet coke breakfast infusion.  Unfortunately, I didn't send Miss Priss to school today, since she was fussy from her freak out last night.  Oh, and she has a black eye, incurred while gardening.  That pansy picking is dangerous.

So I picked up some trashy magazines while getting Gatorade and bananas for Morgan (I'm putting him on the BRAT diet, whether he likes it or not), and I'm going to loll my heart out during this precious nap time.  I only have about 45 minutes left, by conservative estimate (please be twice that).

I also had a busy friend packed weekend, going downtown for dinner and then to see Mary Poplins Thursday night, which was absolutely delightful.  The sets themselves were with the cost of admission- I just wanted to go play in them.

My hair looks so dark in this picture.  Time for some highlights, perhaps?  We also had a nice dinner out with friends, and some nice walks with friends and babies in the weekend's sunshine.  Now it is pouring and I am lolling.  Time to rest my eyes for just a couple minutes. . .


  1. I am giving daylight savings the middle finger. It really screwed up our sleep schedule. I hope it rights itself. I am beat!
    Poor DH and her black eye!!

  2. I hope you got a good rest in! I'm so sorry your husband is sick and just hope you and baby don't come down with it too. My husband came home with a stomach virus 10 days ago and it went through all of us. It was awful.


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