Mar 14, 2013

This and That

  • I am just loving seeing the sun shine after five or six o'clock!  Now, it just needs to get warmer and we will never go inside.

  • I was perusing the Target aisles the other day, and happened up on this cute little workout skirt/capri combo.  I feel so cute in it, but the darn thing slides down when I am shaking it in exercise class.  Super annoying to be tugging your britches up, when you are trying to grapevine or hip shake.  Or shimmy.  Or bounce around in general.
I was thrilled to find the same look in my beloved Old Navy compression wear (above is the Target pair).  Old Navy ones have been ordered, and I anxiously await their arrival.
  • A super easy cheat way to make a good homemade creamy Italian or Caesar style dressing?

Mix a good quality bottled vinaigrette with mayo, Greek yogurt or sour cream (don't use fat free), a little chopped basil and some Parmesan.  It is delicious!

  • Dell Harper got a happy prize when I was feeling rather generous at Buy Buy Baby last night.

Ignore my video voice.  I hate it.  Anyway, she can't climb up it yet, but loves shooting down the slide. She lands in a heap at the bottom, and we both think it it hilarious.

  • An excellent way to water your orchids?  I just learned that three ice cubes per orchid per week does the trick while they are blooming.  I always worry that I am over watering, and this is a perfect way not to drown those beauties.
I love the way the purple picks out the purples in the painting.  Morgan and I purchased that Woodie Long on our honeymoon after a long visit in his studio.  He died shortly thereafter, and every time I pass that painting it brings back such strong memories of the day and that time in my life.

Okay, I'm off to go defrost a Chicken Divan from the freezer (cooking has just not happened this week), and take Dell Harper and my droopy drawers on a chilly walk.


  1. Pretty orchid blooms! I need a review on the combo from Old Navy. You know how I feel about the magic pants on their own. I need to start grapevining, and shimmying. STAT.

  2. That child hugging and waving goodbye is just too much to bear! She is so adorable. Loved the Buddy fly-by and hearing your voice too. So fun!


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