Mar 22, 2013

Dancing on the Ceiling

An interior designer friend of mine once mentioned that she had done a room with this Osborne and Little wallpaper on the ceiling

I also love the same paper in this color on the ceiling in a little girl's room:

I'm digging wallpaper on ceilings in general right now-

Source: via Samma on Pinterest

Source: via Samma on Pinterest

Mama is redo-ing the wallpaper in my old bathroom at their house, since I ruined the existing wallpaper when I was 14 or so, by taping magazine pages all over it.  Kicking myself now, because I just love that paper- a large scale floral, with giant rose blooms.  A friend described it as what she pictures a Southern teen girl's bathroom in the 1950's looking like (she meant this as lovely compliment, and I took it as such).  I'm picturing something similarly old fashioned to replace the damaged wallpaper-

I just love the middle one- silver vases filled with blooms?  Perfection!

I doubt I can sell Mama on it, but my brother's old bedroom has this marvelous peach and brown original tile (mine has the orginal almost wedgewood blue tile, which is  a bit funky as well) .  Anyway, I love this bird print- I would love to really make it fun in there.

I'm feeling totally inspired by Bailey McCarthy's embrace of her funky tile in their new Houston home:

Does it get any better?

Well, her new bathroom-

I'm in love.  If I did not have a budget and Morgan to rein me in when we move in our "forever" home in a few years,  well, things might get crazy up in there.


  1. BIG HAPPY SIGH. Wow, Samma, you are pulling some gorgeous pictures the past few posts. My Grandy has an eye for gorgeous wallpaper - her powder room is currently a peachy orange background with white and blue birdcages/birds. It's really lovely. JM *hates* wall paper from when he was redoing his first house, but I think it makes such a huge pop in bathrooms.

  2. That vintage Euro / Ferris wheel wall paper in the mcCarthy's new bathroom was my DREAM for L's nursery. I still pet the sample from Anthro. Sadly, SO EXPENSIVE. And, as we are also not in our Forever Home, E axed it (I was willing to compromise with one accent wall! JUST ONE WALL!) due to the dreaded Resale.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love how colorful and fun it all looks. I'm such a decorating coward - I'm afraid of color. Your house is gorgeous and you've obviously got a great eye for decorating. I'm sure whatever you pick will be gorgeous!

  4. I am in love with the Anthropologie wall paper. SO beautiful.


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