Mar 18, 2013

Social Butterflies

I don't know if it's the whisper of warm weather giving me spring fever, or just renewed energy after adjusting to my new job, but I have been out and about quite a bit lately.  Lots of fun dinners with friends, and too many nightcaps after said fun dinners.  I mean, it's been both nights a weekend every weekend lately.  What am I going to tell Miss Priss in 17 years?  "Sorry sweetie! Mama and Daddy spent your college money on babysitters.  Study hard and get a scholarship!"

Speaking of nightcaps and their ilk, my favorite pre-dinner drink of late has been a dirty gin martini, served on the rocks in a tumbler instead of a martini glass.  Does anyone else find martini glasses just impossible to drink out of?

Miss Priss has been quite the busy bee as well.  Her calendar is filled with Easter Egg hunts and birthday parties.  I think I need to take a break, as I am feeling a bit puffy, and focus on her social engagements as opposed to my own.

I say this now, and will end up making plans at one of her parties next weekend. . .

There is still no independent walking around these parts.  She teased me last Friday night (when I actually stayed in- maybe she was telling me something), and took 2 steps, then 4, then 6.  Since then? Jack squat on the stepping.  It is killing me.  I actually brought her little stroller to the egg hunt at church on Sunday, so she could put eggs in that.

Could you not just eat those precious dimpled non-solo-strolling legs?  I'm gritting my teeth just looking at these pictures.


  1. My mom always says about Cute Baby Thighs - "I want to blow farts on those chubbers!" I hope you know what that means... like making the fart sound with one's mouth. Princess Z calls them Flurberts.

    Anyway :)

  2. Ooh that little bunny!! I want to squeeze her. Seriously. SS and DH must have been in cahoots this weekend. SS took 5 steps towards Matt and then came walking back to me. Then very little action for the rest of the weekend. One day they are going to take off.
    The slide shot is FANTASTIC.

  3. Let's talk about this dress... because I NEED it!

  4. i am TOTALLY with you on this sweet friend...i am always looking at my calendar and it is consumed with playdates and such for CC--where did mama time go??? that will come once Carson makes her debut and the bubbly can be poured again-HA!
    you look fab in that dress!!!

  5. So jealous of all your social engagements. I want a gin martini in a tumbler!! PLEASE!!

  6. Okay, cuteness overload w/ the little bunny paint on her face and those chubby thighs!!! She's precious!!


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