Mar 3, 2014


So, I was going around telling everyone that Deeds and Dell Harper look sooo different.  I swear they did at first.  Well, it must have been the drugs, or else things have changed.

I mean, they aren't twins by any means, but there is a definite resemblance.

Deeds finally got to meet his cousin Charlotte, who's been sick and unable to say hello to her little cousin.  They are exactly 16 weeks apart.

 Miss Priss walked in to me holding both babies, and exclaimed with a horrified look on her face "Mama hold two babies!".  I don't think she is gunning for twins to be her little siblings.
 She was entranced with "Baby Char-law" and her hat, which she found simply hilarious.

I haven't gone out yet since Deeds' arrival, not from lack of interest, but because not much has been going on.  Then of course, this weekend we had a black tie event on Friday, and a dear friend's wedding on Saturday.  Since I'm now the mother of two, I am obviously super wise and mature- I decided to forgo the party in favor of the wedding and not attempt both.

The wedding was lovely, and it was just wonderful to be out of the house at someplace other than the Kroger or Target.  I mean, I love Kroger and Target, and spend the majority of my disposable income between the two (Amazon, you are creeping up- I'm sure when I become even more housebound you will be number one!  Keep trying and plying me with free two day shipping!), but it was nice to be around actual adults who aren't wearing red vests.  I was too busy indulging in raw oysters, smoked salmon and rare beef tenderloin, as well as a generous amount of pinto grigio to snap any photos. My babysitter for the night (thanks, Mama!) snapped a lovely prom pose as we headed out the door.

 Yep, bad lighting and slightly blurry.  It's all I got to commemorate me being in an outfit that does not involve leggings and full makeup for the first time in quite some time.

Anyway, after a particularly raucous dancing session, my body began to remind me that I had major surgery 4 weeks ago, and have not slept longer than 2 and half hours in said four weeks.  I stuck it out as long as I could, but turned into a pumpkin before 11.  Pitiful.

This little stinker decided to start a growth spurt Saturday night around 11:30 PM, so I have been feeding him approximately every hour since then.  Lovely.

My night of hanging out with adults was quickly brought back to the new reality.

For a little comparison, here is exactly 2 years ago, when Miss Priss decided to hit the same growth spurt.  Same couch, same me, just a hell of a lot more wrinkles.


  1. You did not have a baby four weeks ago. How is that even possible? You look amazing. I don't think I could string together a coherent sentence four weeks post-partum and there you are looking fabulous in a cocktail dress. Well done, friend. And those cute babies of yours - so precious!

  2. Oh my. They are soo cute. You and M look hot! Hope it was a fun wedding. I hope the growth spurt passes quickly.

  3. You look STUNNING and your bod is rockin in that black dress!! Get it momma!

  4. Wow, where in the heck have I been? Living under a rock or something...CONGRATULATIONS on Mr. Deeds!! Oh honey, I'm so happy for you! One of each! We're expecting a girl this summer and will be joining the one of each party. You look so amazing and so happy! I'm sorry I'm so late with my congrats. So happy for you!

  5. I think they definitely share a resemblance! And, seriously, Go You for the wedding fiesta attendance; Bonus Points for looking fabulous!


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