Mar 23, 2015

Back in the Swing

We took a last minute trip to the Beach Barn for spring break last week.  It was a wise decision, as I was nearing a nervous breakdown induced by lack of vitamin D.

 We loaded up my parents' van, loaded up snacks and toys, and hoped for the best with this stinker.  He cried the entire way there and back.  Grrrr.  Apparently riding in the car is Superbaby's krypotonite.

 First order of business?  Grocery, then the beach!

Morgan was busy trying to fix the internet and phone, so me and the kids hit the beach solo.  Clouds did not bother us a bit.  I was just so happy and grateful to be playing outside, as were the kiddos.

 Some friends joined us with their 4 and 2 year olds, which doubled the fun.
 Miss Priss was extremely depressed when her buddies left the day before we did.

 The babies loved the sand and (freezing cold) ocean.

 I was told by an observant couple on the beach that Dell Harper is a "real firecracker who just has the best time".  As you may expect, I'm fully aware of this- the girl has a blast in whatever she does- a ball of enthusiasm.  The high school years will be really fun I'm sure. . .

Speaking of high school years, all the spring-breaking teens stressed me out to no end.  Our house even got egged!  What's the fun of egging a random vacation house of people who are completely unknown to you?

Ha, Morgan and our friend were biking by a big group of teen girls, who slowed down to a stop to check out who was rolling up.  Upon seeing the guys, they disappointedly snorted "Oh, it's just a couple of dads!" and cruised away.  Thanks for making me laugh for a week straight, 15 year old girls!

 It was a lovely trip- made even better by the unexpected pleasure of getting away of a whim. Oh, and we got to have an adult night!  Caliza for drinks and appetizers, then Havana at the Pearl for a fabulous dinner.  If you want a babysitter in the 30-A or Destin area, definitely give Precious Ones Nanny Care a try.  Our sitter was wonderful- cleaned the rug when DH had an accident, found towels, ran laundry and the dishwasher, as well as writing down all the events of the night/everyone's bedtime/etc.

Now back to school, routine, and work.  Anxious to get a busy workweek behind me, gear up for hosting a fun baby shower, then Easter celebrations.  Thankfully the beach was just the break I needed.


  1. That looks like fun! I want you guys to come visit!!!

  2. Oh, this sounds lovely! What a fun weekend! I love that the girls called them "dads" with such disdain. That's hilarious. And our baby hates the car too. I feel your pain.


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