Mar 31, 2015

Pet Peeves

Knowing the most trivial facts about some is one of the things I find very entertaining with a marriage or close friendship.  Morgan HATES when you are in the turn lane at a red-light and the person in front of you (or 2-3 cars up) goes insanely slow and you miss the green arrow.  It just drives him bonkers- "Just selfish! No regard for others around them!".  Albeit, this is very annoying, but now I crack up when it happens, envisioning my normally calm husband's irate reaction.

My friend Leigh just cannot stand the sound of styrofoam rubbing together.  It just sets her teeth on edge.  There were lots of lake days when the sound of the disposable cooler in the backseat on the way to the boat dock would drive her into a frenzy.

Noises also get me- chewing ice (cruunnnch, cruunncch- makes me cold-sensitive teeth just ache in response), popping knuckles, etc.  My big one is televisions being left on.  I am always flipping off tis in my home, and mentally longing to in others' houses. Why is a TV blaring if no one is sitting down actively watching it?  Oh, it just irks me to death!   I just can't take the sound of a laundry detergent commercial when I'm trying to cook/clean/talk to my family or friends.  And, I know, it's incredibly common, and I'm in the minority on this one.  Don't worry, Morgan has informed me of this an infinite number of times.

What are the weirdest things that drive you/family/friends crazy?  I find people's pet peeves vastly entertaining.


  1. I also hate the TV On thing, as well as Radio On Loud In Car While You're Trying To Talk. Turn it off!!!!

    It drives me crazy when people scuff their feet when walking. Pick em up!

    Also drives me crazy when people are talking on their cell phones in line/checking out and don't hang up or greet the person who is waiting on them. It's appallingly rude.

    (I will come back to this post later to read the other comments!)

  2. Add me to the TV Always On Pet-Peeve List. Especially random day time television -- not my kind of background noise at all!

    I want to rage on people who do not return their grocery buggies to the cart corral. There are very few realistic scenarios I can envision in which it might be acceptable to just dump a buggy in the middle of the parking lot where it is likely to hinder others' parking attempts or damage personal property.

    Cyclists who ignore stop signs -- YOU MUST FOLLOW ALL THE RULES OF THE ROAD AS IF YOU WERE A CAR! This one makes me and Evan stabby, so there are certain routes we just don't take on pretty weekends as a preemptive check on our respective blood pressures.

    Pronouncing letters that do not exist... You are not ordering eXpresso and we are not going shopping at NordstromS.

  3. The feel of flat paint. I just can't. Eggshell is doable but I prefer satin at a minimum.

    Not closing kitchen drawers completely. You already put the effort in to close them some, why not all the way?? (side eye husband)

    People who can't pick up on social cues that you are trying to end a conversation.

    Men with long fingernails.

    Toilet paper loaded so it comes out from underneath instead of (proper) overhead. No, just no.

    People who constantly ask for your advice and then NEVER follow it.


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