Mar 6, 2015

Five (Finds) on Friday

Well, judging my the packages arriving at my doorstep, I have had a case of the Feburaries big time this year.  And shopping has helped.  Normally, I dislike "here's what I have bought" posts, because who has the disposable income to keep that kind of nonsense up?  However, I have found some steals lately that I just have to share:

1.  Safavieh Gourd Lamps:

Yay for Overstock!  I have been stalking Homegoods and Tuesday Morning for lamps for several months.

I found these beauties and love, love, love them!

 Aren't they purty?

Then these made their way to the family room.
 I was planning on returning one set, but liked them so much (and loved that price so much!), that they are going to stay.

 Miss Priss really enjoyed the boxes (naturally), as well as the Styrofoam which is now crumbled across my house (grrr).

 2.  Leggings-

Get yourself to a Kohl's right now and get these amazing leggings.  Assets Red Hot Label by Spanx Pintuck Legging.  They come up high enough to hold in your tummy!  And therefore don't show off your plumber's crack when you bend over to pick up toys for the millionth time of the day.

Super cool mom outfits, right?  I should stick to workout clothes.
 AND. . .they are on sale for $15 marked down from $50.  It's $20 online but $15 in stores.  I went BACK to a store to buy another pair with children in tow.  It takes a lot for me to mount that kind of operation, but these leggings are worth it.

3.  In other pants news, yesterday I took my children mall-walking, food court Chipolte consuming, and elevator riding to get us out of the house.  It was yet another snow day (#10 in the past 3 weeks), yet there was zero snow or ice.  Anyhoo, I was perhaps feeling a bit sorry for myself.  I realize it is March, but I'm still in February mentally.  I was lured in by these pants at JC Penney as I cruised its wide aisles with the double stroller in an attempt to occupy another few minutes on our way to the car.

This is branching out for me, but I think I'm a fan.  And $20 is the perfect price point to branch out.

4.  Scarves:

Back to Kohl's (I go in for kids' mittens and this is what happens after days and days of being cooped up in the house), I found so many darling scarves.  Like the one above! For under $10! This one- wore with leggings and a cream blouse to supper club, this one worn with red swingy top and leggings to a birthday dinner, and this one which I wore with pink sweater, black skirt and tights to church.  It was a great way to reinvigorate my tired old closet (which desperately need to be cleaned out and organized- see above.)  Note- a lot of those links say online only.  This in untrue.  I bought them in store, and they were even cheaper than the online price.  Way to step up your game Kohl's!

 5.  Finally, while walking through Sear's on said mall expedition, I found these darling Land's End workout tops.  I had a coupon, so they ended up being half price.  They are a super soft stretch cotton, and flattering without being revealing or restrictive.  I wore one for my exercise that afternoon!

So now it's March, and I need to get back to shopping my closet and making no unnecessary purchases.    Good deals aren't so good if you don't need the stuff, right?  I just love a bargain, though.  Hopefully I will be outside with my children instead of trapped in my house seeking solace in online purchases or wandering aimlessly through the mall. . . everyone needs a dream, right?

Thanks as always to the lovely Five on Friday ladies for hosting the linkup!


  1. LOVE that floral painting in your (fabulous) lamp showcase! And Lands End workout gear?! Who knew? I think I need those...

  2. Oh my goodness you have E Gregory art- I LOVE HER! She is on my wish list this year for my office!


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