Mar 11, 2015


I'm dragging a bit today after a lovely girl's night out for a friend's birthday last night. So I'm not up for tackling my long-planned post on attempting to wear real clothes (as opposed to workout wear), and instead a Pinterest dump is happening.  Bring on the pretties!

These cookies are calling me to make them immediately. . . the approach of bathing suit season be damned.

Oatmeal, coconut and dark chocolate equal health food, correct?

This tutorial promises to make me hair look like this-

I think they are overestimating my abilities, but worth a try.

I'm dying to get in my dining room (LOL) and try my hand at an oversized triptych like this beauty by Christina Baker from the Pink Pagoda's entry makeover.

And now that we are (fingers crossed a million ways) past any freezes, I'm longing to pull up my dead plants and get to work on my containers.  I'm not doing any of my beds yet, because I'm not sure what's going to come up- first spring in a new house is sooo exciting! There is added pressure for my yard to look beeee-youtiful because we are on the Dogwood Trail. This entails people driving by my house to look at my yard.  Nervous sweat is beading on my forehead as I type.

I'm liking the look of this container combination- I just adore calladiums and the pop of red from the begonias.

Now off to clean during nap time.  I'm trying to get organized.  It's stressful- not a natural state for me, I must admit.

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  1. Just spent a solid .5 at the office watching beachy wave hair tutorial videos. Whoops! Off to buy some sea salt spray.


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