Mar 30, 2015

Whew . . .

Well, a very intense work week is over, and I survived with my sanity intact.

As soon as my work deal wrapped up, I got busy prepping my house and arranging flowers for a baby shower I hosted on Saturday for a dear friend.

Morgan got my little mess-makers out Saturday morning, and I frantically cleaned and straightened before guests arrived.  It was a "don't open the (toy or master) closet" type of day.  Sometimes you just gotta shove everything in someplace. . .

After the lovely shower, I headed over to church for the annual Easter Egg Hunt to meet Morgan and the kiddos.  The petting zoo was a huge hit with both.  After Dell Harper walked around, said bye, and kissed each goat, llama, and bunny, the man working proffered hand sanitizer as we walked back out the gate.  I think we were beyond some hand sanitizer at that point.

Morgan picked up to-go food, and we took advantage of my temporarily clean house by having another couple and their kiddos over for a casual, impromptu supper.  Very cold champagne and company made the witching hour rather delightful!

The socializing didn't stop on Sunday- 2 birthday parties for my girl after church, then Deeds and Morgan joined us for a little picnic with my adult Sunday school class.   Miss Priss was asleep on the way home by 6:45, which is always delightful.  As much as I love to read, sometimes I just want to get in bed myself.

 Now it's time to regroup, get my life back together, and prep for an Easter Egg hunt happening here on Friday afternoon.  I'm not going to be giving up coffee or my beloved daily Diet Coke any time soon, that's for sure.


  1. I think my jaw is still on the ground from that floral arrangement. Martha, move over! You are seriously talented.

  2. Stunning arrangement. We have yet to hunt for eggs this year!!!


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