Mar 4, 2015

In and Outs

In:  Roasted chicken with creamy leeks and dill-

 This delicious roasted chicken from Eating Well magazine.

 We had it for dinner last night, and it is wonderful!

Out:  The weather forecast.  I can't handle any more school closures.  My desk is a nightmare, and I'm soooo behind still.  Plus I don't want to have to force my children to leave the house and have dance parties at Chick-fil-a again.

In:  This excellent book I just started after a trip to the library yesterday.  Fascinating!
 Out:  Dirty floors.  Muddy dog paws, children, food and leaves tracked in and out.  A friend recommended the Shark steam mop.  Any other fans?

In:  My new cozy pjs from Target.  Is it time for bed yet?


  1. The pajamas are fantastic-- I might have to swing by my Target on the way home tonight! I'm also on the lookout for a fix to my dirty floors-- Boston snow + dog prints + salty, drippy boots are wrecking havoc on my new hardwoods! I'll stay tuned for any insight that you have, although my SIL suggested the Shark Steam Mop, too!

  2. kill me now if the weather doesn't STOP!!!!! and i ordered those pjs from target too... TWINSIES!!!

  3. Anything Shark is awesome!,

  4. I vouch for the shark steam mop! I'm on my second one. The first one quit working after I added some fabuloso to it in hopes of nice smelling floors. Lesson learned: follow the instructions and only use water :)

  5. I big, pink puffy heart LOVE my Shark steam mop. Vermont weather is hell on our floors, so ours gets used multiple times a week. We've had it for almost 4 years and it's still going strong.

  6. Hoping the sun melts away all that snow very very soon! I love those pjs! So cute!

  7. Adorable pajamas! I'm putting that book on my to read list, and your chicken looks divine. I'm so with you on being completely over the winter weather!


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