Apr 17, 2015

Five on Friday!

It has rained here every day this week, but I am still rejoicing at all the color outside!  COLOR is back!

1.  I got back in my "studio' (LOL), and am working on this fun, bright abstract.  It's making me happy right now.

2.  I love this stripy cover-up from Ann Taylor.  I wasn't even aware that they had swim- it's all pretty darling.  At $109 though, I will be waiting for a sale.

3. Even my dinner was feeling colorful last night.

I made this Ruth's Chris salad imitator, along with Panko Dijon Chicken Thighs.  Both will be made again in the very near future- high marks from Morgan and I.  Note- I only used about 1/4 of the amount of dressing called for- no more was needed.

4.  Now, it's time to get my containers going with color.  I picked up this nifty little seed starter the other night, and can't wait to get some stuff growing with Dell Harper.  I am possibly anticipating her interest and delight in this project to be far greater than reality, but you never know with a threenager.

4.  I'm planning  on planting Cosmos and Zinnias, but this article from BHG has lots of great ideas.

5.  And back to my rainy days- I challenge you to watch this video of Maya Angelou and not be inspired and awed, (and maybe a tad weepy, ahem.)

What an excellent reminder to be kind for us all.  Let those compliments fly!  My motto is if you think it, and it's nice, THEN SAY IT!  That person might really need to be told that they have got really pretty eyes, or that they are a great friend, or an excellent teacher, or have a great outfit on.  It can't hurt, at least.

Stepping off my soapbox of positivity now.  Remind me of this next February please.

Happy Friday!  Thanks, ladies for hosting the link-up!


  1. You live life so colorfully and it's so refreshing and uplifting. Thanks for this whole post - I've had a rough week and I'll strive be more rainbow like this weekend!

  2. i got an email from loft today. 40% off with the code SHAREIT

  3. i got an email from loft today. 40% off with the code SHAREIT


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