Apr 24, 2015

Five on Friday

1.  Sangria Tea:

I know I should be drinking water, water, water (if we lived in the perfect world the prescribed regimen would be diet coke, diet coke, diet coke, but whatevs).

I drink a lot of water, but I also drink a TON of iced tea.  I would happily drink a gallon or two a day. Luckily for my waistline, I prefer unsweet with no sweetener.  Usually I make big pitchers of Lipton, but sometimes a girl gets lazy and doesn't feel like boiling water.  I spotted this black tea concentrate from Tazo- I can't stop drinking it.  I found it at Target- go try some!!

2.  I ended up cooking last night, foiling my plot to not dirty up my kitchen all week.  Luckily this barely counts- super simple, super easy, and little fuss or mess.    Oven Baked Fajitas for the win!  Delish- especially with guac, and a little queso drizzled on top.  And refried beans.   And some more cheese.

I used two bell peppers  instead of one because I had them on hand.  Next time I will cut the chili powder waaaaayyy down, because it was too much for the kids and me.  Sidenote- I used to LOVE spicy foods, but ever since pregnancies I have no taste for them.  Bizarre, no?

3.  Crispy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies from Trader Joes:
Morgan just came in and said "There's some cookies in the pantry from Trader Joe's- what happened to them?  Didn't you just go there on Monday?"  Hmmmm.  My reply?  "WHAT?!?  I can't hear you- I'm drying my hair!!" (frantically pulling out hair-dryer and blowing it on desert-dry hair).

These little boogers are good.  I made the mistakes of (1) taking both children to the grocery store without a list (that has actually happened 3 times this week, thanks to lack of menu planning and list making- a hell of my own devising, people),  and (2) going when I was feeling quite peckish.  Snack foods aboundeth in my little red cart.  I will never buy these again.  They are addictive, and not too bad for you.  That's a problem because I will justify another few without hesitation.  Also, broken ones don't count, and I think my box went through the ringer.  Oh, well.  Oatmeal is healthy, right?

4.  The bathing suit hunt is progressing- I finally realized that I am not going to have time nor the inclination to go to an actual store and try on bathing suits.  Enter a couple of online shopping sprees- thank you Zappos for free return shipping, Land's End for returning to Sears, and hopefully I will like the Modcloth ones (thanks, Kate, for the rec).

Thanks to the above-mentioned cookies and guacamole, I also had the foresight to order some cute coverups- Zappos had a great selection.  I loved all these from Echo Design:

5.  Finally, I hope everyone enjoys these FNL parody and a ginormous glass of white wine this weekend.  Thanks, Amy Schumer for making me laugh while thinking about gender issues.

Thank you to the Five on Friday ladies for hosting the linkup!


  1. Yay ModCloth suits!

    Ug, could not love Amy Schumer more. CANNOT WAIT for Trainwreck. Also, I miss Josh Charles like WOAH on The Good Wife so gracias for the supplemental eye candy. I watched Last Fuckable Moment after this one and also died laughing.

  2. You.Are.So.Funny! Can we please be friends! So funny...


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