Apr 20, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

 It was a lovely weekend  full of relaxing outside and in.

We were lucky to have Morgan's dad drive over the mountain and spend Friday night and Saturday morning with us.  I was even luckier when they took the kids on some errands Saturday morning, and i got some alone time (cue the heavenly chorus).  
 I blocked out this fun little primitive church.  I can't wait until I get another spare minute to start really working on it, and painting in the details.

It's amazing how the weather affects every aspect of my mood- compare the colors to this church I did in January.  Ha!

After Coach headed back to Asheville, Morgan and I bade goodbye to the munchkins, said a grateful hello to our sitter, and met friends for a dinner out downtown.  It was rainy so I drank dark and stormy's.  They were delicious, as was the dinner and the company.

Both of my darling, darling, considerate children woke before 6:30 Sunday morning during the rain, rain, rain.  I decided early church then Sunday school was in order.
 Followed by an early lunch at Miss Priss' favorite restaurant, the fine-dining establishment S&S Cafeteria.  During nap time for the fellas, we hit up the mall for a little Cinderella movie watching.

 Came home, destroyed the playroom, early bed for the children, and Chinese food and some reading for me.

I checked out this book from the library, but I think it might make its way to my bookshelf soon.  Fascinating and informative- especially helpful in identifying all the new-to-me plants coming up in my yard.
 Yep, pretty crazy Sunday night.  Drinking hot tea and reading my plant encyclopedia in bed.  Wild times, folks.

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  1. How did she do at the movie? Beautiful paintings! Why do they wake up so early!??!?!?


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