Apr 2, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday

We are having an Easter Egg Hunt over here tomorrow.  Approximately 50-60 kids are coming.  I haven't started preparing- it's going to be a long night.  But a fun one!  I love party prep.

I'm thinking I might cutify my pigs in a blanket to resemble these:

And make a HUGE batch of this gingered lemon punch for the adults.

We used to have big Easter egg hunts at my house when I was little.  I found 200 eggs up in the attic yesterday- sometimes my parents' inability to throw things away really comes in handy.  There was still a Hershey's kiss in one egg.  Exciting treat!  Just kidding.  I did not eat a 25 year old piece of chocolate, tempting as it was.

In other random thoughts- just found a bunch of old mix cds.  Made my drive quite entertaining- especially when Delta Dawn came on- it's amazing how music can transport you in time.  One summer during an NYC advertising internship, I sublet a room in the West Village from an older UGA girl- the other roommates were Georgia and Texas girls.  One of the Texas girls would blast Monkey Man by the Stones, and Tanya Tucker's Delta Dawn every time she got ready to leave the apartment.  6:30 in the morning?  "Delta Dawn, what's that flower you have on?" Heading to the Hamptons with her rich, older boyfriend?  "Cause I'm a MONKEY . . .MAN!"  "Could it be a faded rose from days gone byyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?"  Surprisingly, I really like both of those songs to this day.  Maybe it was a bit of Stockholm Syndrome.

Finally, Kroger had potted ranunculus on sale.  I had to pick up a couple last night.  I need to research how they thrive- fingers crossed I can keep them blooming and happy!

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Thoughts for Thursday


  1. Ranunculus are my faaaavorite, and I love that pretty pink. Send some of those bunnies in a blanket my way!

  2. Good luck with the egg hunt! And your flowers are gorgeous!

  3. Those pigs in a blanket are adorable! The huge batch of punch for the parents will be so well received! The flowers are so pretty and I love how they are in the car seat for safe traveling!


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