Apr 14, 2015

Random Bits

  • I am paralyzed by the massive amounts of pictures from the Easter Egg hunt we hosted, so attempting to bypass that for now, and just blog away.  I was so worn out from said hunt that we had quiches from Costco for Easter Sunday brunch, and S&S Cafeteria for dinner.  It was real fancy, and absolutely glorious!

  • I have been felled my my body's first foray into the world of seasonal allergies.  After volunteering at a plant sale for 2 days last weekend, I thought I was possibly suffering some strange and dire illness.  One eye was swollen shut, my nose looked like a damn clown from all the blowing, and I could barely move.  Morgan gave me some allergy meds, and waved me off when I protested that they had no effect.  Turned out they expired 2 years previously.  I procured some working medication and feel much better now.

  • Texts From Jane Eyre- got this from the library yesterday.  LOVE it!  It's witty and hysterical.

  • In other light reads, just finished The Royal We by the Fug Girls which was highly entreating and fun.  Now I'm enjoying Melanie Shankle's latest, 

  • With the opening of this fantastic (and spookily empty) Walmart on campus, I have become a person of Walmart. I went last night after a VBS meeting for detergent and milk.  I ended up with all sorts of necessary stuff.  Like decent looking bows and nightgowns for Dell Harper. And some adorable rompers that are 1980's in a good way- i.e. not neon, but instead just kind of retro and fun.  Plus the brand is "Healthtex" which totally sounds like it could be one of my old clothes' labels.

  • Anyhoo, maybe it was the proximity, but after Walmart it was almost 9 and I was starving.  I had nibbled on a little dinner with the kids, but I was hungry and my purse pretzels weren't cutting it. I gave in to temptation and hit up Krstals for a couple of cheese Krystals and a diet Coke. It was everything I desired and more.  I'm currently having a cucumber-avocado smoothie to atone.  
That's it for me- once I finally get my desk cleared of all my to-do's (work and otherwise), I've got a ton of great recipes to share with y'all.  

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