Apr 23, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday

  • DH is having a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy in a week.  I am alternately terrified of the recovery process, and thrilled that she will start sleeping again once she can, you know, breathe at night.  Sorry dear child for all the times I fussed at you/didn't let you watch your favorite show/bribed you with toys that you never could get due to your recent inability to sleep through the night.  Sleep apnea is a bitch.

  • I need a cute bathing suit for an upcoming girls' weekend at the beach.  I am forcing myself into a two piece.  COURAGE. But therefore I need the cutest, most flattering, bestest swim suit EVER.  Easy right?

  • I have had no desire to cook a thing this week. I think I am going to manage the entire week without having to- Monday I picked up a casserole from a to-go place, Tuesday made a veggie frittata, last night was church, tonight spaghetti from the freezer, and restaurant food hopefully Friday.  Busy work week + laziness = clean kitchen.

  • I have been finishing up my paintings- bright, happy colors to match my mood.

  • I have a great idea for a website.  www.whatplantisthis.com  You just upload a picture of the plant you are trying to identify, and someone e-mails you back with the answer.  Genius and useful, no?  Don't steal it.  Right now, I just use texting my mom, but a website might be easier for all.

  • Not a two-piece, so not applicable to my bathing suit quest, but I really like this number from Anthropologie.  Normally I am averse to boy-leg styles because 1) I am a girl and 2) don't like things chopping into my thighs.  However, this seems really cute, and helpful on days when you have been quite as, um, dedicated to a hair removal regimen as one should.

  • Whelp, that's about all that's rumbling through my brain.  A sad state of affairs, indeed.  Find me bikinis, ladies!  Old lady ones preferable.
Thanks as always to East Coast Chic and Home of Malones for hosting the linkup!

Thoughts for Thursday


  1. I had a ModCloth one piece (very similar to your Anthro pick) posted on my blog last week - it is seriously a miracle suit; I am obsessed. It is from their Esther Williams line and there are some very cute two pieces in that collection -- perhaps they will be equally as flattering and adorable?! Surely Esther can't be wrong!

  2. I need you to start whatplantisthis.com. I have a very small flora lexicon but hope to get better/more educated this spring and summer when I can start doing yardwork etc.


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