Apr 15, 2010

A Frank Discussion

Apparently it's been friendship week here on S&S, and I want to be appreciative of all my good girl friends today.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friendships which I treasure dearly.  Whether laughing, complaining, or something in between of all the ladies are here for me, as I am for them.

The importance of having good girl friends was spotlighted last Sunday when MOH, A.K. and I were having a detailed conversation about asparagus.

And its um, odorous after-effects (MOH and I are intrigued by the side-effect and pro-asparagus, A.K. is anti.  I'm sure that they are really glad I just told the interwebs that).

The whole hilarious conversation made me thank my lucky stars for such good friends.  After all, who else are you going to have a frank discussion about asparagus pee with?


  1. Love that black and white picture! So cool! Ya'll are all so beautiful and lucky to have each other! :)

  2. OMG, that topic reminds me of the film "Election." Too funny! Great pics - it's great to be surrounded by such a good group of friends.

  3. I heart asparagus!! Smoothies are the new cheesecake....

  4. I love you, Samme Faye! So lucky to have you as a friend :) XOXO

  5. I am thankful for YOU and all the crazy conversations we can all have together! I seriously can't imagine some of the things y'all know about me and have heard me say over the years - and I love it!:)

  6. love the pictures and i love asparagus. but i always act surprised when i smell the pee. it's like i always forget that asparagus does that! it's not stopping me though!

    you know what else does it? have you ever had a slim fast coffee flavored drink? whoo! holy coffee-smelling tee tee.

    how's that for girl talk on your blog?

  7. That's how you know it's true friendship...when you can talk about asparagus pee. Ah ha ha. Too funny!

  8. I love asparagus and am also intrigued by the pee smell that results after eating... for me, its kinda like how your own toots don't smell as bad as other people's...

    zomg. kill me now... I'm talking about smelling toots on the interwebs.


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