Apr 7, 2010

A Classic Never Goes Out of Style

Hello Robert Redford and Paul Newman.  I have been watching some TCM lately and mulling old time movie stars/matinée idols.  I prefer a manly man type, more Matt Damon than Leonardo DiCaprio in today's term's.  But the classics- oh, they're the best.  I dare you to watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid without falling madly in love with these two:

Then there are the rest of my true loves most handsome men in the world favorites-

Although Daniel Craig has made massive strides, no one but Sean Connery is the true Bond- who can beat his combination of arrogance and sophistication?

Steve McQueen- the bad boy.  When this photo was published in Life magazine in 1963, a reader wrote- "Sirs: Was it necessary to show such suggestive and provocative photographs of Steve McQueen and his lovely wife...? I am no prude but your magazine is seen every week by our most important national asset, the teen-agers, and you are setting a bad example by displaying such photographs."

Gregory Peck.  He's Atticus Finch- enough said on that sexy factor. 
Okay, if you need more, see Roman Holiday.

Then the all time gold standard.

Mr. Cary Grant

If you want to swoon, please rent the following; To Catch a Thief (try not to covet Grace Kelly's wardrobe so bad that tears spring to your eyes), Indiscreet, That Touch of Mink (a Doris Day movie with Cary taking over for Rock Hudson), or An Affair to Remember.  Dark, dashing, and debonair, he broke the mold.

Who am I forgetting off my list of classic hotties?  Inform, remind and educate me!


  1. Paul Newman & Robert Redford: the ultimate dream team!! What a way to start a morning.

  2. I've always been partial to Frank Sinatra--his blue eyes were always sparkling!

  3. You just made my morning. I have a major big time crush on Robert Redford--loooove him. And, OK, also? Mad crush on Humphrey Bogart. I had to peel myself away from The African Queen on DVD yesterday--sigh...

  4. Paul Newman wins hands down as the all-time classic, but I have to admit that Elvis as a young man was stunning. Great list!

  5. Perfect choices! They just don't make them like that anymore - Gregory Peck, Paul Newman. So dreamy...

  6. Thank you. Paul + Robert = perfection. I will now wipe the drool off my computer screen and get on with my morning.

  7. Purr... Robert Redford, Gregory Peck, Paul Newman all beautiful men. The most of the men of today have nothing on these guys!

  8. Oh I so agree! My first true love was Robert Redford in The Way We Were

  9. What a post! You've covered them all, but I would throw in Peter Lawford for honorable mention! :)

  10. Robert Redford circa BC&tSDK is the absolute Zenith of my All-Time Five. No one will ever top him... which is a bit strange b/c I rarely go for blondes... its the leathery skin... mmmm mmmm mmmm

    You left out another of my All-Timers though... Clark Gable!

  11. such great taste!!!!! i grew up watching classic movies with my mom. john wayne is also pic worthy..i think it's the swagger and totally agree with kate...clark gable!

    why don't they make movie men like they used too?? haha

  12. Wow - I love the classics and that picture is h. o. t. - awesome shot!


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