Apr 1, 2010

Sum, Sum, Sum, Sum, Summertime! (and questions answered)

Can y'all tell I am an August baby?  I just love summertime!  Even though it means mosquitoes and heat, it also means the lake, the beach and the pool; juicy red maters, blackberries warm from the sun, and watermelon, like my childhood best friend and I are enjoying above.  For the rest of this week spring is allegedly arriving in East Tennessee- about a month late for my taste.  I am ready though- convertible top is anxious to go down, bare legs are ready to be shown, and patios are begging to be sat upon.

I want to thank y'all so much for all of your sweet comments.  To answer some questions I have received this week over the interwebs-

1.  First of all, thank you for sharing your stories about the Ovellas in you and your family's lives.  It's so interesting to hear everyone's experiences.  Ovella was born on April 1, 1916 (I think) and passed away summer after my first year of law school, so (trying to do mental math here- gets harder every year), so 2006? Yes, that's right- her next door neighbor and best friend, Lillian, passed away the day before.  I love picturing them up in heaven together laughing and talking together.
  So funny, I didn't even think about how close yesterday's post was to her birthday.  Every year on April Fools Day, we used to torment Ovella, begging her to tell us how old she was- why we cared so much?  No clue.  One year Mama said , "Okay Vella- birthday bonus happy prize.  One dollar for every year you've been alive!"  With zero hesitation, Ovella proclaimed- "I'm eighty-one!", ensuing in lots of laughter from Brother, Vella, Mama and me.

2.  My orange scarf is from the Limited, and is called the Infinity Scarf.  They don't have them anymore, but there is a jersey version on sale online right now.  The scarf is a big loop, which you double up.  It's really cozy! 

3.  An icepick is tea and vodka mixed together- I normally get unsweet and add splenda, because I'm  trying to watch my waist.  It's delicious- try one on a patio in the sunshine!  I usually get a single in a double glass, so it's not too strong.

4.  I had my curtains made from a fabric called Wonderland Jet.  You can buy it here, for a great price. Yay- discounts! Thanks so much for all the compliments- I must admit, I am rather enthralled with the way they turned out.  Now all I need is a rug I like, and I will be satisfied with my decor (Okay, that's a fib).

5.  The artichoke candle holders are from Tuesday Morning, one of Mama and I's favorite places to frequent for hidden treasures.  They had some Le Creuset in mine the other day- go check it out if one is nearby!

6.  The flowers were super easy- I have no idea how to arrange flowers y'all!  I do the same thing every time- cut stems low, fill my silver julep cups with cold water, and pack 'em in.  Yep- I have no clue what I'm doing.  A flower arranging course is in the works.

7.  Oh, and the china is my everyday- Juliska Berry and Thread- I registered for it on Tron's recommendation (she has a tendency to break things just like me), and I adore it!  My real china, which is my grandmother's  Lenox Imperial, is still sitting at my parents' house and likely will for a number of years.  Sorry, Mama.

I think that's everything?  Feel free to ask away, I'm an open book!  I always have questions when I read people's blogs, but I am embarrassed to ask.  If I don't want to answer something. . .I won't!

So back to the sunshine . . .are y'all summertime ladies?

Hopefully my daddy was in charge of my outfit here. . .


  1. look at sweet little Samma!

    I think H and I are going to stop by our local Tuesday Morning and TJ today while we're out and about.

    and i adore your curtains. seriously love them.

  2. Oh my heaven's I am a sunshine baby! Although I was born in November, obviously the wrong time of the year. I just love summer. Even if the heat is oppressive and the humidity insane, I still love those long lazy summer days!

  3. I just finished writing a post about summer and then read this. Clearly summer is on the mind. I'm an august baby too and I already so excited for this summer to begin.

  4. I am an August baby too!! I couldn't agree more with this post. It's definitely the best season. Lovely blog, so glad I discovered it!


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