Apr 2, 2010

The Tale of a Pouffy Tummy

So last night, I walking into the condo, enjoying the sunshine, when my elderly neighbor, Mr. F, stops to chat.  He loves to do this, especially when I rushing home to grab something during work, on my phone, or carrying eighteen thousand heavy grocery bags precariously balanced in my arms.  I try to be kind and friendly, but the man asked me what my job is every single time.  He never can understand that I'm a lawyer.  Even after I tell him, he usually asks what kind of secretary I am.  I know that he's in his seventies, or early eighties, and I should be understanding, but he makes it difficult sometimes.

Like yesterday.

So we are having once again the conversation about how baffling it is that a little blonde girl can actually be a lawyer, when he says. "It looks like you are having an event soon!"

"Hmmm?"  I reply, confused- looking around to see if I have invites or party supplies on the front stoop.  Nary a balloon or flower.

"Well,"  he says, nodding at me, "You're pouffy in you tummy!  You know- an event!"


Moving on to someone who actually is pregnant- Abby is about to have her baby!  I stole this pictures from her, because she is such an adorable preggo person,a nd is one of those who loves being pregnant.  Baby Gray, her second adorable little girl, is due any second, as you can see!

I am just too excited for the family and its' new addition. 

Time for some celery and the treadmill for me, y'all.  Has this ever happened to you?  I am distraught!  POUFFY IN MY TUMMY!  WHO even says that?  Only a man, I tell you.


  1. samma faye! that man needs glasses. he probably already has glasses, so he needs glasses that work. you are not pouffy in your tummy! you're teensy tiny!

    and so is your "due any day now" friend! she looks amazing. i wish that i had been that tiny at that point in my pregnancy. she looks so happy!

  2. Oh geeze, that was diarrhea of the mouth on his part for sure. You always look fabulous in your pictures! I remember crying my eyes out when Macy was about 6 months old and someone ask me when my baby was due. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  3. Oh no he did-nt! That one leaves me dumbfounded! Your friend is so cute preggo:)

  4. oh. my. word. He did not say that. And I'm with BEB, he needs new glasses. And some tact. I mean, I know he's elderly but woman are lawyers and you don't tell a woman (particularly a thin one like you!) that she looks pouffy in the tummy. Not okay now, not okay 40 years ago!

  5. I swear, unless you see a baby coming out between a woman's legs, you shouldn't ever ask her or imply that she is pregnant!!! A man will never understand, though! :)

    You friend Abby is ADORABLE!!!! So cute!

  6. I can commiserate... I was getting a pedicure once and the little lady rubbed her belly and said when are you due? Needless to say I did not leave a very nice tip! Totally ruined what was supposed to be nice & relaxing. Goodness some folks just need to keep it shut :)

  7. Someone at my office asked me that awful question last year when I was wearing, what I thought was, an adorable J.Crew sweater/jacket with an empire bow. Oh NO! So not appropriate. That jacket is at the Samaritan Community at church now. Also was even more upsetting since I have been trying to get pregnant for the last year. Gracious! Happy Holy Saturday and sweet girl, you are precious, beautiful and from every photo you've ever posted...teensy. You have been a gift over the last few months that I've been "following" you on Twitter and your blog. May you have abundant joy at Easter!

  8. How lovely and happy mommy! You're looking really pretty!

  9. I think this episode might fall under what I term the "large-breasted wardrobe dilemma." Because I'll bet you were wearing something comfy and swingy, right? That maybe didn't have any waist definition but was super-cute? And who cares if you some weird old guy might think you're pregnant because dammit if you're not in the mood for waist definition and us large-breasted gals are allowed to dress comfy sometimes, too!!!

    Yeah. I feel ya.


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