Apr 15, 2010

The Night That The Lights Went Out In Georgia (and all over the South)

I love that this one is entitled Crazy People in the South-

Like so many of us, I have always adored Dixie Carter.  I was so saddened to learn of her death from complications from cancer at age 70 on Saturday.  Based on title alone, I am ordering her memoir,  Trying to Get to Heaven: Opinions of a Tennessee Talker, on rush delivery.  Watching these clips makes me miss Designing Women so much.  Where are the shoes about women, and their friendships?  Where are the shows about people in the South?
Designing Women was such a classic.  Dixie Carter seemed to embody the style, grace, and fire that was Julia Sugarbaker.  Imagine her as a trial lawyer- fabulous!
I have always envisioned myself as a cross between the Sugarbaker sisters- opinionated, a bit vain, but fun. 

Dixie Carter was a class act, and my thoughts and prayers go out to her family during this time.

One more to fire us up for the rest of the week- this is everything I want to say so often-


  1. Oh SNAP, Julia Sugarbaker! That last clip is amazing!! I love all those women and would adore sitting down with a box set and my mom one weekend and blowing through them all for nostalgia's sake (and lots of belly laughs). So many fantastic women, those grand dames, and Julia Sugarbaker the queen of the crop. Saluting you, Dixie Carter!

  2. Delta Burke wrote a memoir, too - I had no idea til I read a quote from it in a story about Dixie Carter's death. It's called Delta Style. I have ordered it and Dixie Carter's book to take for vacation reads. That first clip is my most favorite!

  3. Great tribute, Samma. I, too, adored Julia Sugarbaker and aspired to be like her. To have a sister like her is incredible...I think your Aunt Trish would do an admirable job of blessing out anyone who insulted me. Thanks for the Dixie Carter memories. Let me read her book when you finish it!

  4. That was such a great show. Loved Julia Sugarbaker and the crew. I'm with you, we need a great program about smart, Southern women!

  5. Oh, how I loved Designing Women. I, too, feel like a cross between the Sugarbaker sisters.

  6. Nothing will ever compare to DW! I wish it was still on Lifetime!(minus the later episodes with Carlene and Alison-not really a fan!) Remember at the end of the crazy people episode when the judge walks in just as Suzanne has arrived from her alimony cruise and Mary Jo is teaching a very pregnant Charlene how to "shimmy" her panties on with a big belly? hysterical! And who can forget an early episode(maybe the pilot) when Julia gives her famous "I want to thank you, Ray Don" rant?! Love it! What a woman!:) Thanks for the clips, Samma!


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