Apr 29, 2010

Getting to Know You

So a lot of my friends have been asking me whether you dear blog readers know certain things about me.  Mainly quirky things. . .which it seems composes the majority of my personality.

1.  I never wear pants.  Seriously- pant suits and me look horrible (see Number #8).  I think jeans are extremely uncomfortable. 

2.  I can't burp.  Never have, and the doctors don't know why.  This makes drinking beer and my diet coke addiction rather uncomfortable at times.

3.  I refuse to drink beverages with calories besides alcohol.

4.  I read probably 3 books a week.

5.  I adore going to the grocery store.

6.  If I had my way, I would take a solid 2-3 hour nap every day.  Unfortunately, this lawyer gig gets int he way of my preferred napping schedule.

7.  I detest washing my face at night. . .then complain about my skin being bad.  Honestly, other than drying  my hair, this is my least favorite part of my day. 

8.  My body is shaped like a keg on toothpicks. 

9.  I am not a hugger or a cuddler.  However, I am a very friendly and loving person.  Just not a touchy one- although I've gotten better? 

10.  Hubs was my first serious boyfriend.  Up until the age of 25, I had a double whammy of commitment issue and a predilection for well, not-so-good guys.  Hey- girls just want to have fun, right?

Ha!  I almost forgot the biggest one!

11.  I can't hold my pencil, fork, spoon etc correctly.  My principal tried to hold me back in Kindergarten for this reason, but my parents got me tested and sent me through.  When I was taking the essay portion of the bar exam, the proctor came up to me and said "Samma?  I'm your third grade teacher, Mrs. Chambers!"  Ha!  She recognized me from the way I held my pen.  She said "Yes, when you came into my class, the principal told me you were slow."  (asshole)  "But once we started class I realized you were very bright, just really short."  Um, okay.

So- there's tons more, but it's actually very difficult to think about your own quirks, as they seem normal to you.  What's going on with y'all?  Give me the weird stuff!  I'll me checking and sharing, don't you worry!

Also, comment verification is back on, due to the 300 e-mails I had on my blackberry this morning from "Joe", some spammer.  Asshole.

The picture is from my trip backpacking across Europe with AK and Abby in 2001.  I think it expresses my feelings towards Joe well.


  1. Samma. We have some odd things in common.
    1. Not a toucher.
    2. Adore the grocery store. Could spend hours there.
    3. Naps are something I sorely miss. Stupid work days.
    4. I am a speed reader too (just got Tainted on your rec.)

    Some fun facts of me.
    1.Half of my hair is straight, the other half curly. I have dual textured hair.
    2. I can drink larger quantities of bourbon than I can of beer.
    3. I am 28 and inadequate at putting on makeup.
    4. My husband And I grew up next door to one another, and weren't friends until post college. Then he fell for me. Sucker!

  2. Wonderful post. I love peoples quirks becuase girl I have tons of them myself. They are what make you, you.

  3. I am totally with you on #7!! I am the same exact way!!! I dread washing my face every night and about an hour before bed every single time I think "Do I really need to wash my face tonight...?"

    I loved reading your answers!! So good to learn more about you! :)

  4. Ha ha - my friend calls her body shape an "egg on legs." Love it! I think that, upon passing a bar exam, a girl should be officially allowed to hold a pencil however she chooses for the remainder of her life...

  5. I loved reading about these quirks. I am totally with you on #1, 3, and 4.

  6. I am a nap-loving, face wash hating, non-touchy voracious reader myself. A few other quirks:
    1. Certain textures make me nauseous. I can't stand people touching the roof of a car and won't sit on two chairs in my house.
    2. I have some very limited psychic abilities. I frequently tell people when we'll be having an earthquake that day or sense when something bad happens to a friend. My biggest prediction still scares me.
    3. I kind of like folding laundry, but hate putting it away.

  7. great list! how do you hold your pen/fork?

  8. I am SO not a toucher too! I really don't like it!

  9. Mrs. Chambers!!! I hope she wouldn't recognize me as I am pretty sure I was still the chubby crying girl in 3rd grade and, pregnancy excluded, I like to think I have outgrown those traits at least a little bit even though it took me awhile :) I have to say your non-burp burps crack me up and I totally admire your reading quantity. I love to read but can't reach that kind of quota on top of work! Impressive.

  10. You are too adorable, Samma Faye! I want to see a video of your utensil-holding technique.

    Me: hmmm.... freckle on my eyeball? Double-jointed fingers? Reads magazines backwards? Not as exciting as your list.

  11. Love this post, and getting to know you better through it! I am totally like you on #7 and #9.

  12. I love this, thanks for sharing! I'm so jealous that you get in 3 books a week, that's my dream. I also wish that I loved the grocery, I'm not sure there's anything that I hate more!!

  13. I think Joe is lucky he's not within kicking distance of you!

    Love your list. I'm so with you on no drinks with calories except alcohol. With as much as I like to eat and drink there's no way I can add calories through beverages. (I make the occasional exception for coffee/starbucks with skim milk.) I also held my pencil wrong as a kid and they made me write with a funky pencil grip. Wish they would have left me alone!

    One of my quirks - I eat incredibly slowly and pick apart my food. (I try not to at restaurants.) My husband is convinced I am the only person alive who can eat a peanut M&M in more than one bite.

  14. I love it! And, you and I share many common quirks ;) Although, I can burp loudly and it's not very classy! Ha!

  15. For years I couldn't burp either!! (I was born that way and didn't burp at all as a baby!)

    And then one day... I just burped. Weird, right?

    But it doesn't happen often... but it did happen. Strange.

  16. Hhmm I have a few. I can touch my elbows behind my back. Thought about applying to be on Letterman's stupid human tricks bc I've never met someone else who can do it.

    I like to talk in voices and use a lot of weird words for things. I say shart instead of shit.

    When I moved to TN from MS they tried to put me in speech therapy bc they couldn't understand my deep south accent. My momma was mad!! Between the two I have a rather funny accent these days.

    My oldest bro holds his utensils funny as well. He is left handed but they always tried to make him use his right so he does lots of stuff backwards.

  17. Ditto on the pants (although I do wear jeans), the grocery store, and the calorie-filled-non-booze. I will cuddle on the couch for a while but try and sleep-cuddle me and you'll lose an eye.

  18. I am with you on #7. I have always hated washing my face & blowing drying my hair. I also add ironing. Ugh...


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