Apr 13, 2010

My Golden Retriever Matron of Honor

We'll do age before beauty- or rather older beauty before younger beauty, and talk about Tron today and Abby's baby tomorrow.

Sorry, Tron, but your competitor is only a few days old, while you're now the ripe old age of. . .well, I won't put that on the internet, but 29's not that old.  I mean, I won't be there for another 4 months, but it's not old! 

I can't exactly recall how Tron and I became friends- feeling it involved both of us wearing camo (?) at a party freshman year of college at Georgia.  Now, I have no idea why we would be wearing camo, or how I would have possessed any camo, so maybe she can elucidate this meeting for us.  However we met, our friendship was cemented for me by a Tuesday Thursday lunch at Bolton dining hall, then riding a bus together to our class after lunch.  Side note- the slogan of the UGA dining halls is "Let the Big Dawg Eat".  Why was I surprised when I gained the freshman fifteen in probably a month?

I'm not including many pictures from college of us as I am too young (being only 28) to die, and Tron would kill me.  So I'll just post (a few) pictures from after college.

Kinger and Tron- Athens post football game.

Tron's bach party down at the Beach Barn.  Me, Tron and A.S.S.

My bach party in NOLA.
With AGM in Athens- I'm getting fired up about football season already!
Kissing the pig at my wedding- which resulted in disaster, remedied by Tron, but that's another story.

A frequent discussion while laying around the pool in college (oh, how I miss that), was what animal we would all be (I think I am a lion- explains my affinity).  Tron has the best (in my humble opinion) animal of all- the golden retriever!  She is adorable, smart, friendly, entertaining and laid back- a classic. Up for pretty much anything, you never get sick of hanging out with Tron- probably why we still talk on the phone once or twice a week on our morning commutes without fail.  She keeps everyone informed of what our scattered best friends are up to- like our own personal status updater.  She's not the mouth of the south for nothing!  Love you Tron- happy late birthday!  But can you believe I remembered and called on actual day?  Amazeballs. Ha- I would have innudated the internet with far more, and worse, pics.  But these are what's in my computer- you got lucky, my friend.  Very lucky.

So many questions today- I want to her about your girlfriends, whether you spend hours dicussing what kind of animal you would be, and how you met.  Spill it, internet friends!


  1. Lying by the pool had to be a top-five activity in college. Man, I miss that! I'll be staring out at the sunny weather and thinking of that all day. To be 21 again!

  2. Cute post! You are all so beautiful!!!! :)

    My friends and I have never talked about what animal we would be. Hahaha. One of the games I do remember though is "Who would you rather?" We would play that game into wee hours of the morning. Who would you rather kiss? Who would you rather marry? Or Who's cuter? We would use people we know or celebrities. We still like to play that game all these years later. It makes for good times! :)

  3. Screw, Marry or Throw Off a Cliff was another classic game that never got old with us!! Faye, pick me up and let's go to the padded pool please.

  4. Amazing post, amazing blog. Miss you like crazy Somma!

  5. OMG Faye - I know you have much worse pics of me! Thank you for the post! Love you!

  6. Hmmm, one of my best girlfriends and I met in college and spent many a night at Taco Cabana--to this day, "our" thing is anything that involves queso. We often spent hours discussing what kind of chocolate we should eat later--no joke--we're classy like that with frosting out of the can and all. But hey, who else can you call at 1:30 AM having a meltdown to come rescue you other than your girlfriends? Or call them at 11:30 PM freaking out because ohmygod I lost my wedding ring please come help me scour the entire city of Dallas with a flashlight until we find it. Not that I know about this from personal experience or anything. (I dropped the ring in the dogfood. The husband found it two days later)

  7. Oooo the "Power Animal" Conversation... our rule was that you couldn't decide your Power Animal for youself... it had to be bequeathed to you in a friend's moment of inspiration (usually brought on by boozery)... I cannot recall what mine is (although the college nickname Muppet - for my very loud, Jim Henson's "Animalesqe" voice), I do remember that we spent a good 3 years determining JJO's Power Animal and finally it came to us... MEERCAT! It was a great day indeed.

  8. This was a precious post! Thank God for girlfriends!

  9. Y'all just couldn't be cuter. Aren't those college BFFs the best? Mine was just out in L.A. for a visit and we had the most fabulous time! :)

  10. Beautiful pictures! You really seem to have the best group of friends - love it!


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