Apr 30, 2010

Well, the Weirdness Continues

Oh law, I had so many reminders about all the other weird things about me yesterday.  Several friends expressed concern that if you readers knew what a freak show I am, then you would abandon me.  Thanks, ladies, but I know my readers are loyal.  Or at least I hope so!

First of all- the way I hold my writing utensil. It's very ungainly and awkward looking.  You have been warned.

That's my list of things that were brought up to tell y'all about.

1.  Pic of pencil holding- done.

2.  Love for J.Lo and Beyonce.  I think Miss B. love is not that odd, because, I mean- she sings, invents dances and is married to a gangsta superstar who introduced Pharrel into my life.  Perfectably justifiable.  However, J. Lo?  I don't know- I just adore her.  MOH and Tins share this extreme love of all things Jennifer Lopez. She's from the Bronx, what can I say?

3.  Ah, the dinosaur.  Like I said, I can't burp.  The air has to go somewhere, and it takes a while before reaching your, ahem, other end.  So my stomach makes this noise, which I refer to as the dinosaur.  It's a wonder I've ever kissed a boy, as my tummy tends to begin its cacophony just in that moment when you are about to lock lips.  One of the best moments of all time. . .ruined by the dinosaur.  One sweet boy was very concerned that my tummy was rumbling due to hunger, and started feeding me potato chips.  Mmm , Zapps salt and vinegar make-out session.

4.  I can't snap, whistle or do a cartwheel.  Yeah, coordination is not one of my strong suits.  Hubs can not snap either.  Our poor offspring are either going to be the loudest finger snappers in the world, or made fun of in elementary school.

5.  I am always thirsty and drink a ridiculous amount of water, tea, and any other beverage that's calorie free.  When I was in Africa I drank 12 liters of water a day. 

6.  I refuse to listen to U2 unless it's raining, or night.  I have several other really weird music listening guidelines, but that is the only one which has been brought to my attention based on the former post.  If I think of any more I'll be sure to let you know.

I'm sure my friends will bring about eighty kajillion more quirks to my attention, but that's all y'all are getting.  Have a lovely weekend ladies!


  1. Glad to see someone else is as quirky as me! I'm convinced I am a total weirdo. Thanks for sharing!

  2. so glad that someone else can't do a cartwheel. oh, the so embarrassing days in P.E. in elementary school when our unit was "gymnastics." ugh. i still get butterflies in my stomach when i think about it.

    i'm a big britney fan and always root for her. does that make me weird? :)

    i only listen to U2 and DMB in the summer time.

  3. I cant barely snap. Like, I think I can and thenI try and it just looks a mess.

    I'm always thirsty too. :)

  4. Glad to know I'm not alone in my freakiness! I have a friend who holds her pen just like that, and I hold mine on that same finger too. Can't whistle, snap, make my tongue crinklean or anything else interesting.

  5. I can't whistle either and it makes me absolutely crazy. The worst is when you tell people that, and then they think that THEY can teach you because surely you just haven't been taught the correct way. Ahh, that's the worst!!

  6. Girl no joke we almost hold our pencil/pen the same way!!!! No joke!

    Ahhhh bananas! I used to get grief is school about it also. I was like hush already.

  7. I feel your pain! My teachers tried & tried to brake the habit, but I still hold my pencil like you. See, you're not alone - just makes us unique!

  8. I am always thirsty too! I drink so much water and tea during the day as well!

  9. I hold my pen *JUST* like that!
    I have NEVER been able to do a cartwheel
    I am always thirsty and was teased in elementary school bc I brought not one but two Hi-C boxes
    and best of all...my sister always says that when I burp I sound like not just a dinosaur but she specifically calls me the teradactyl

    so...maybe you aren't so weird!

    although I can't stand beyonce (but I do love JLo and (ahem) Glow

  10. The pen holding is certainly different, but you aren't alone! I teach 4th grade and have kids who hold it like that, and our school OT said not to worry about it.

    Also, I have never been able able to do a cartwheel. You aren't alone!

  11. Ah! We're pen-holding hand twins! I do mine the SAME way! Did your way create a little bump on the top of your ring finger? Mine did - although it's gotten SO much better since the heavy use of computers. In high school it was HUGE and always red!


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