Jul 31, 2012

A Cold and some J. Crew

I have a cold. I resisted getting this cold from Hubs for over a week.  I thought I was in the clear, then awoke yesterday aching all over with a tell-tale lump in my throat.  I hightailed it to the pharmacy and got the strongest expectorant I could find- where you have to go the pharmacist's counter and show your id.  I always get nervous that the pharmacist will think that I am a meth head (in my black shift, heels and pearls) and deny me my purchase.

So I am feeling sorry for myself, and indulging in a little online window shopping.  Just window shopping, since I'm being all French and elegant and shit.  I catch myself repeating "Must avoid disposable fashion!" when faced with temptation.  Anyway, J. Crew has some cute stuff lined up for fall.

I adore this little combo, although this half tuck thing is a bit ridiculous in real life, no?  It reminds me of middle school gym class, when your Salty Dog t-shirt had to be perfectly tucked and bloused out in the front of your umbros, while the back was all untucked rebel, essentially making a mullet shirt.  No need to bring that back, folks.

I really love these crepe tops as well, but now all I can see is the damn half-tuck.  Make it stop!

These scarlet Minnie pants might have to join my closet.  They're classic, right?  And in my favorite shade. . .

Source: jcrew.com via Samma on Pinterest

Source: jcrew.com via Samma on Pinterest

Horizontal stripes in casual and dressy.  Both are right in my wheel house.

And back to some elegance.  I covet this DVF dress- just the right amount of slouchy elegance.  It does have some bathrobe elements, but I think that's ideal for my current permanently tired state.

Source: dvf.com via Samma on Pinterest

What fun fall items do you have your eye on?


  1. Oh, I totally remember the Jr. High "half-tuck"...why on earth did we do that?! And you're right, always with a Salty Dog Cafe or Hard Rock T-shirt. Too funny.

    As far as fall fashion goes, I'm just looking forward to wearing my regular jeans after baby comes in October. However, I get slightly giddy when it finally gets cold enough in Texas (Read: less than 80 degrees) to wear my winter boots once again.

  2. There are some incredible pieces here!!

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