Jul 5, 2012

Red (cheeks), White (legs), and Blue (beer)

Please avert your eyes from the glare of my blindingly white legs- I see some self tanner is definitely in my future.  You know you are pale when your five month old baby girl has more color than you!

We skipped the lake this year and headed to the neighborhood next to ours' children's parade.

Miss Priss' best little buddy, Caitlin, was our hostess with the mostess.

 She shared a wagon with her future husband, Taylor.  They share a birthday and are therefore destined for each other, right?  Then we will bring out these pictures at their wedding, and there will be collective "aws" all around.

Leland eschewed his ride in favor of walking around in his cool blue baby Toms.

 Mary Carlisle's pink tricycle was gussied up in style!  Also, I want a pair of those shades in my size.
Hayes was ready for that heat, and his wagon ready with hydration!

 Dell Harper (who looks so much like her daddy here- that is his look of concentration to a t!), was a bit chagrined to not be big enough for a wagon yet.  However, she intently (and quietly!) watched the chaos around us the entire time.  We then headed to a carnival at the pool, where she promptly passed out in her carrier and allowed us to eat dinner.  This was shocking and delightful.

We decided not to push our luck and stay for fireworks, so everyone was home and in bed before dark.  A different kind of Fourth of July, for sure.  Honestly?  I missed being up at Norris Lake and drinking beer on the dock until the wee hours of the morning.  However, on a middle of the week holiday, a couple of beers and a baby parade will work!  She will be able to stay up and watch fireworks next year, and I might just have to wrangle her into that life-jacket tonight for a little post-work cruise to get my lake fix.  And maybe get some sun on those white legs of mine!


  1. i love the simplicity of fourth of july, and I hope this time next year we're living in a neighborhood that has a kiddie parade :) i love all the blog posts with kid parades.

    DH's outfit is SO cute and you are looking amazing! she'll love the fireworks next year, for sure!

  2. Miss Priss just looks adorable! Cute cute cute. No worries on the white legs. You're not the only one! Mine are just ghostly!

  3. Your pretty white legs is what brought me to this website. I love 'em.


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