Jul 23, 2012

Roll Call!

So, I am in a blog rut- I would love some new ones to read!  Give me design, cooking, babies, fashion or a mish-mash of everything. Who do I need to be reading?

Tell me about your blog, or your latest and greatest discovery.  I'm ready to read!


  1. I share my story on my blog...just our life in Georgia with my husband, two spoiled pups, and lots of fun stories!

    Love to follow you and your recipes!

  2. My blog is http://thetalesandtrialsofmrsp.blogspot.com/

    However I am kind of having a rut too. I feel like all I blog about is my baby and food. Our blog is mostly written for our families who really just want to read about Margot but I would like to write about more. And I have ideas, last week I started a post about the new yahoo ceo who is pregnant and going to work during leave, however I got busy and didn't finish it. That seems to happen all too often.

  3. I love following you and your recipes - we live in Asheville so not too far from you!

  4. i've been posting about my trip to savannah, ga.

  5. I've been reading for a while and not sure I have commented too much, but I write and most of the topics you posted at www.4ever29blog.com

    I always love finding new blogs...one of my new favorite fashion blogs is http://www.phiphisblog.com/

  6. Though my blog isn't super fun or exciting, I love, love, love Double the Fun (my-scenery.blogspot.com).

  7. I love reading your blog! Your recipes always look so good! And Dell Harper is a cutie pie!

    My blog (http://journeytobabyschmelling.blogspot.com) started as a way to update family & friends on our journey to our miracle baby girl. Now I write about our life with her and anything else that pops into my head throughout the day.

  8. I love reading your blog and seeing your cutie pie daughter! Follow along on my for lots o' randomness, inspirational/funny quotes, recipes and favorite things! xo

  9. Hey there!
    I have so many favorite reads, but some that always make me smile or laugh are these:


    And mine is www.alizadventures.blogspot.com

    Great post idea :)

  10. Hi there! I read your blog all the time! What a precious little girl you have!

    My blog is about me and my husband's crazy lives... now we're living in the West Bank and are having a ton of adventures! Feel free to check it out anytime! Happy blogging!


  11. One of my favorites is Paige Knudson's blog. She is older than me, has 4 girls (from 5th grade to college) and I really admire her as a mother. And? I adore her home. She has such great style and decor!


  12. Your daughter is gorgeous!!

    My blog mostly deals with my husband and I adjusting to life in DC after moving from Tennessee. Whoa, has it been a change!


  13. Girl, love the blog. I'm a total creeper but figured since you asked, I might as well finally comment and tell you how fun your blog is while sharing mine with you as well!

    I'll link you to a post from awhile back, mostly b/c these days it's all "baby baby baby" and this was pre-baby days. :) Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy yours!



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