Jul 11, 2012

The Perfect Dress, and Other Assorted Palate Cleansers

Last night I was running the washer, the dryer, the dishwasher and the vacuum, when the power went off with a boom! At first I thought all my household chores had blown a fuse, but apparently a tree was down on the lines. I am taking this as a personal message from our heavenly father to not clean so much. Or at all.  Unfortunately, Hubs was out of town when the two hour power outrage message from God came through, so he might doubt my rendition of events.

I loved reading all of your reactions to my post yesterday.  Balancing everything on my plate is something I have been struggling with a lot.  I know a solution will come, but I need to be patient. (Perhaps my heavenly message last night was the solution?  No more cleaning for me!)

Now, back to my usual inanities.  I have realized that I have worn the same dress to pretty much every event I have had this summer. I need to start rationing its wear, as I will cry when this dress finally bites the dust.  It is the ideal dress.  Black linen with a bit of stretch, it keeps its shape and doesn't wrinkle too badly for linen.  It's cool and comfortable, and works whether I am five pounds up or five pounds down.  I purchased it for a steal from Filene's Basement four or five years ago.  The brand is Theory so it is good quality and a beautiful cut.

 Last summer it hid my pregnancy well (while I was still hiding).

Summer before it worked quite nicely while I'm skinny.  Summer before that I got engaged in this dress.

Now, this summer it is helping me stay cool, as well as disguise post baby bulges.  I wish I could find a dressmaker who could recreate it for me in various colors.  It even has pockets.  Perfection.

So I'm trying to be all French about the fact that I have basically worn the same dress all summer, and rev it up with different accessories.  I don't want to buy anything new, especially while nursing, as my body is rather, um, oddly proportioned currently.  Also, I have zero discretionary funds.

Margaret's New Year's resolution a couple years ago was to only buy fine fabrics and accessorize more.  It's an excellent resolution, and one I need to implement myself.  So instead of giving into the urge to buy a cheap little frock, I am going to haul out my flattering chic black linen, and dig through my jewels and shoes to give it a new spin.

(although looking through these pictures makes me realize maybe I need to give myself a new spin- my hair has looked the same for the last 3 years!)

So how do you roll?  Quality or quantity? Also, if you are a Knoxville reader and know a dressmaker, please let me know!  I need replicas of the perfect dress.

Oh, and what should I do to my hair?


  1. quality on a discount! Just an FYI Banana Republic is having a one day sale online- 40% off a full priced item and additional 25% off a sale item. Type in the code

  2. I love a good dress that transcends not only seasons, but YEARS! I have a black cocktail dress like this -- although my accessories have vastly changed over the years, the dress is a classic cut and fabric. Can't be beat.

    And for the record, I love your hair -- I don't think you need a change-up! You could always experiment with ways to wear it up or back, but the length on you is cute and sassy!

  3. Love a great black dress. I don't have a favorite right now, and I feel a little lost without that wardrobe staple. By the way, I think you look fantastic and not like you just had a baby at all.


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