Jul 17, 2012

Well, She Was Just Six Months Old*

Dell Harper and I had some rainy day blues the other night, and went a little wild in the Target.  I couldn't resist this dress- I think it makes her look like a superhero.

Super Sweetie to the rescue!

I also picked up some sun essentials for her- her godfather brought her this adorable hat back from Nantucket, so now we are ready to show it off (if the rain ever ceases- I know we need it, but I need to get some sun on these white trash legs of mine).

I put sunscreen on Miss Priss once, but have been trying to wait til six months to really lather it on.  We're almost there, so I think it time.  Swim diapers and a new suit- just bring on the sunshine!

In other six month preparation, I am so excited for this beauty!

Baby led weaning begins around six months, although as evidenced by Miss Priss' cantaloupe eating, she is ready!  I also ordered some baby glasses on the recommendation of my friend Ella, who runs a Montessori school.  Dell Harper is constantly reaching for my glass, and trying to gnaw and take sips out of it.  When I ordered her own baby sized glasses (they look like shot glasses), I got sucked down into a worm hole of Montessori supplies.  Everything from miniature child sized gardening equipment to cooking supplies.  I was entranced, and luckily restrained myself.  I have always loved things that worked- any other Louisa May Alcott fans out there?  One of the kids in Little Men had a play stove that worked!  Oh, I would have just died and gone to heaven if I had one like that.  Or an EZ bake oven?  Just longed for one, but Mama wisely taught me how to use the real oven instead.  Anyway, I can't wait to get Miss Priss all set up in her Dr. Evil chair, drinking water out of glass and smashing avocado all over the place.  It's going to be a hoot and a half!

*She's not six months for another two weeks.  I'm just excessively excited about this food thing for some unknown reason.  Possibly her red mod high chair? 


  1. Margot has the same swim suit! I swear there is not much cuter than a baby in a sun hat and swim suit!

  2. is that the boon chair??? i must know what she thinks...that is a possibility on our list too

  3. I don't even know if I should google "Montessori supplies" because I'm afraid of what I might buy, but too late… I'm off to check it!

  4. she is so cute! Love that high chair too - very cool! She's stylin'


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