Jul 8, 2012


I'm waiting on Miss Priss to wake up, so we can go meet her daddy at the pool.  He's hitting some golf balls (which sounds miserable to me in this heat).  I'm also wearing a two piece, which I probably have no right to be in.  Hopefully, no one I now will be there to witness my pudgy middle.

I'm also waiting for this heat to let up a little.  It feels like the dog days of late August around here.  Too hot for the lake even, at least for the baby.  Last night I finally had to stick Dell Harper in the car and drive out to the country just to get some relief.  She was being a fuss-pot because she was tired and hot and bored.  Or maybe that was her mama.  I am just hating not being able to go on a walk, or work in the yard without worrying over giving me or my child heatstroke.

She took a nap, and I listened to a book on tape (er, iPod), and we cruised along the river through dried up fields, passing trailers obscured by corn and sunflowers, and big old brick McMansions popping up out of nowhere, surrounded by lush green lawns.  Finally, once I got about thirty minutes from our house and thoroughly lost,  Miss Priss woke back up and started fussing, but eventually chilled out thanks to a bit of classic soul and cranking of the blessed AC.  It reminded me of Athens- whenever we would have a case of the blues, a drive just outside of town amid fields and farms never failed to soothe ruffled feathers and heavy hearts.

In less grumpy news, we had a lovely visit from Hubs' daddy and niece and nephew Friday.  They popped over from North Carolina, and soaked up the sun at the pool, and the lake.

I had such a good time, and Dell Harper was just enthralled with her cousins.  I'm ready for Jordan to come babysit!  I can't believe that my flower girl has grown up so much (or that I sound like such an old biddy making remarks like that).  It doesn't look like the girl is going to have an awkward stage whatsoever!  Doesn't that just make you sick with jealousy?  Just too cute.  We had a slumber party on the big sectional, where I used to have slumber parties with my buddies when I was her age.  Of course, I passed out halfway into the movie, thanks to an early wake up call from Miss Priss.

Anyway, I think I hear a little peep from the nursery, so it is time to feed She Who Must be Obeyed.  I made lots of delicious recipes this weekend, so I will share those this week.  Maybe I will get my little old lady on in the pool and do some water aerobics.  I've got a chocolate brownie pudding going on tonight that is going to be dangerous!  Especially for this bikini action!


  1. LOVING her piggly wiggly shirt...you know you're a southerner IF--haha!!

    sometimes there is nothing better than a long drive through the country!!

    rain is coming your way my friend...just had a GREAT rainshower in nashville!!

  2. I know I'm a Yankee but I grew up in a farm town in Massachusetts.... nothing like driving around late at night, windows down and sunroof open, singing my heart out to nobody. It is truly one of the things I miss about living in NYC - the privacy and, I don't know, freedom? I get from being able to just run away for an hour and drive.


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