Jul 16, 2012

Attempts at French Chic

So, for Jessie's party in Atlanta this weekend, I donned my limp, old black linen dress with a rather rumpled sigh, then decided to get all French on the situation.  Brigette Bardot amounts of eyeliner, and some false lashes.

I decided not to worry about the effects of humidity of my hair, and go full out big.

A couple of my grandmother's charm bracelets, a spritz of Chanel, and voila!  My fatigued linen is now classic, my midsection is camouflaged, and my legs are lean thanks to some self tanner and 4 inch wedges.
I was definitely envious of everyone's trendy pieces at the party, but I kept repeating "simple and classic" to myself.  This new mantra and baby-mama budget will definitely take some getting used to. . .


  1. You, missy, NAILED it!

    The LBD is a classic for a great reason!

  2. Love that! I'm all about embracing the giant hair in the summertime. The bigger the hair, the closer to God :)

  3. you looked great! wish you could have come by the house while you were here! would have loved to have seen you!

  4. classic! Love how some shoes and bracelets can make an outfit.

  5. Twenty years from now you'll still look rockin in your classic look instead of a crazy trend.


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