Nov 27, 2012

Buttered Bread

 I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving with your families!  We certainly did, and actually managed to get a halfway decent family photo.  Miss Priss loved all the food, and burned off all the calories she consumed.  Constant motion.  Standing up, crawling, moving and grooving.

It's amazing how much she has changed in the last six months.

My lap is growing smaller!  I loved looking back at these pictures from our family trip in May.  I thought she was so big then.  Now she looks postively minature compared to her current self!

Ha!  Can you tell how she has taken to solids?  Look at that fat little face!  She looks so teeny in the pictures from the beach in May.

She is definitely more fun to be around with her crawling, toys, pulling up, and constant activity.  She was thrilled with new toys for the Beach Barn from her grandparents. 

And of course, they were pretty excited to see her.  Dell Harper had lots of stuff to show her Granddaddy and GiGi- a new tooth, pulling up, and clapping on cue.  She also added a new word to her repertoire.


I swear on my mother's grave. My child said Granddaddy on two separate occasions, to my father.  She can't get out a mama, but she can say Granddaddy?

Law, that child knows where her bread is buttered, I swear.


  1. 3 syllables??? that is pretty impressive my dear...looks like yall had a blast at the beach...JEALOUS!! funny how much they change so quickly and yall look so happy

  2. She is so adorable -- her smile is infectious!

    Well played DH. Well played.

  4. Smart girl! Blaire says "Papa" clear as day and constantly when my dad's around. These girls of ours, they sure do know the way to a grandfather's heart.

    Those are some beautiful family pictures you captured. Christmas card contenders, for sure!

  5. That second to the last picture with the 3 of you is definitely frame-worthy.

  6. I've been following your blog for a very long time. It always makes me smile.


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